I felt

I felt so happy that I’d found her.
I feel so stupid now I’ve lost her.

I felt so clever when she laughed at my jokes.
I feel so stupid now she won’t pick up the phone.

I felt so light, now I feel so heavy.
I felt so full, now I feel so empty.

I felt so fulfilled,
Now I just feel horny.

Thanks to  Jane for  the idea.

12 responses

  1. this is me after a break up 😦

    12.05.02 at 23.40

  2. The last couplet….now that is DEEP. I wonder if you just poured out your thoughts, in the same order they popped up in you head? I just cracked up like a drunk schizophrenic and this really old man is giving me the Look now. But it was worth it.

    12.04.08 at 15.03

    • haha – i’m glad to have made you laugh and humiliate yourself at the same time, i live for such moments.
      how i wish words popped into my head in any order – sadly, i am not a natural poet and have to think about it
      thanks for your comment ms bunny

      12.04.08 at 15.07

      • LOL. Call me Maire please? ms Bunny makes me sound like a Playboy mansion mistress, and that’s not what I was aiming for, when I signed up for WordPress. Now that was a name that popped up in my head, so you should be glad you’re not a ‘natural poet’, because writing down your thoughts as they come might not be the best approach all the time ha ha 🙂

        12.04.08 at 15.15

  3. Always love your stuff! It seems you might be dabbling into some new forte?

    12.04.06 at 22.59

    • i hope so, who knows? i wander round my imagination like a blind drunk sometimes and pick up and use whatever i find
      thank you for your sweetness and insight petal

      12.04.07 at 00.16

  4. 😀
    Very nice, sir!

    12.04.06 at 19.13

    • thank you so much

      12.04.06 at 20.33

  5. Ha! I feel like we’re playmates now that you’ve tried this! Did the words come easily to you? They won’t leave me alone now.

    12.04.06 at 18.42

  6. That’s a double like.

    12.04.06 at 17.26

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