Two fantasies

ok, so what’s your dirtiest fanstasy?

will you tell me yours?


you might be shocked.

i doubt it.

just a fantasy, yeah? not necessarily something i’d do?


ok… alright. It would involve a sea of men. all stood around me and i’d be kneeling. i’d have one fucking me and one in my mouth. all the others would be stood around and- and they’d all be sex starved, ok? so they’d be really gagging for it, they wouldn’t have had as much as a jack off for weeks, or months even, fuck it, years. am i shocking you?

no, i’m a little surprised but no, go on.

ok, well, as i said, i’d have one fucking me, one in my mouth and one in each hand, and all the others would be stood around, jerking off or jerking each other off or sucking each other off, and there would be cum everywhere, all over me  and all over them. Everywhere I looked there would be big squirting dicks and i would be drenched in it and so would they and i’d have them lick it all off me and each other. ok. that’s pretty much it. what’s your dirtiest fantasy?

i was just gonna say i’d quite like to rub your cock between my tits actually.

9 responses

  1. I was like, “Damn, is he really into it?” Your stories leave me all pent up, wanting it to be reality. NOT FAIR! Literary cock block.

    12.04.07 at 06.49

    • haha no fair i know – perhaps i’ll do some guy on guy action soon
      thanks for commenting

      12.04.07 at 11.19

  2. TheOthers1

    That would be a lot to handle at one time. Intricate fantasy.

    12.04.06 at 17.05

    • indeed – the idea was to confuse the reader as to who it was that was having that fantasy, but i don’t think it works.
      thanks for commenting though 🙂

      12.04.06 at 17.08

      • TheOthers1

        Oh, I was confused as to who was talking. A surprise at the end. No worries on that. I was just trying to imagine myself in the scenario itself.

        12.04.06 at 17.20

  3. Mmm….that’s sexy ad fuck

    12.04.06 at 16.18

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