341 words

I stand naked and blindfolded, with my hands bound behind my back, for what seems like hours waiting for you. I begin to stiffen the moment I hear your heals on the carpet behind me. I hear paper in your hand, as you stroke the whip gently down my back and across my buttocks. It is my latest piece and you will read it aloud as you walk slowly around my blindfolded, trembling form. For every typo or grammatical error, I will receive a lash, for any element of the story, technical or lyrical, that does not please you, I will sting.

You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.” I feel the sharp bite of the whip across my belly. “Corny.” you mutter before continuing. “You are at your most beautiful when you come. I adore to watch your half closed eyes and your open mouth and the way your flesh quivers. You in the midst of sexual climax to me a greater work of art than the Mona Lisa and the Sistine chapel combined.” I feel the bite of the whip across my back again, not even knowing why, not allowed to question. “I love the way your breasts shake as you come, the sight and taste of your sweat, the aroma of your intoxicating pussy-”. You stop reading. “Wait, this is never 500 words, is it?”
“No but the last one was nearly 700”
“And it was appreciated, but I asked for 500 on both.”
“You may well be,” you purr, “how many words short is this?”
“I, er-” There is the biting swipe of the whip again, down my belly and across my cock.
“How many words short is it?” you demand.
“Its 341, so that’s er, er 159.”
“Ooh! That’s a lot of lashes. Are you feeling brave tonight honey?” I shake my head and look at you imploringly. “Good, I like that my darling, I like that a lot. Its about time I saw you properly crumble.” you whisper, kissing me softly and lovingly.
“How many again?”

8 responses


    My, My, What a wonderfully depraved mind you have!

    12.04.09 at 22.19

    • it is gorgeous to hear you use the word ‘wonderful’ alongside the word ‘depraved’ like that. thanks

      12.04.09 at 23.00

  2. TheOthers1

    Do you really like playing the submissive? Something very vulnerable about it. Neat piece.

    12.04.09 at 17.17

    • these stories are all just the product of my over-fertile imagination and my under-satisfied sex drive – but yeah, i guess i do – i’d feel real uncomfortable about hurting a woman like that, even in play, although i am not at all adverse to smacking a butt or two, now and then.

      12.04.09 at 18.03

      • TheOthers1

        I was just thinking I didn’t think I could whip someone. For some reason, being the one who’s tied up or spanked seems easier than being the one delivering the punishment. Not sure why.

        12.04.09 at 18.35

        • maybe because we are nice and like to give pleasure – i hope so, because i hate to think what that says about my self esteem otherwise lol

          12.04.09 at 18.38

      • your personality and wonderful sense of who you are shines in everything you write, except when you respond with words like ‘i guess’…you do not strike me as someone who does not know every aspect of who he is…this too requires the truth to the bone that is you.

        13.06.10 at 14.58

  3. Ha ha. I love happy endings.

    12.04.09 at 16.46

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