And this is only the beginning

I am tied and gagged in the corner, on my knees, chained to the wall, my cock already stiffening in anticipation of what is to come. You are on all fours on the the bed, wearing only white suspenders and stockings.

Six strapping young men enter, naked and fully erect. They each have magnificent cocks, which quiver and throb in the warm air, their twitching tips already starting to glisten with pre-cum.

I stiffen further as a large cock hovers before your face and I watch you lick gently at the tip, offering your mouth to it slowly, your hand gripped around its base, feeling it throb with desire for you. You look over at me and blow me a little kiss, and then take him deep into your mouth as you feel another cock slip between your thighs and rammed into your welcoming hot, pussy. He fucks you hard, rocking your body forward, pushing the other cock deep into your mouth. They both moan delightfully and gasp and you take the cock out of your mouth for a moment and lick greedily up and down its impressive length, moaning in sheer pleasure as you do. You look at me, wanting me to see the deep pleasure these men are giving you You mouth the words ‘I love you’. You cannot see my tears but you can see my erection. The white guy reaches round and starts rubbing hard at your bulging wet clit, running his thick, strong fingers up and down the length of your glistening pussy. You feel your self start to come and you moan deeply, through the cock as you feel the two men begin to erupt inside you. Hot cum splatters the back of your throat in thick, salty spurts, as more shoots deep into your greedy pussy. The men throw back their heads, your body awash with their hands, and cry your name. Your whole body is shaking with delight as they pull out, long slow gasps of lust pour from your lungs. You look at me and wink, cum trickling down your chin and neck. “And this is only the beginning.” you smile.

One by one they take you, changing ends so you can taste your magnificent juices on their pulsating, hot cocks. Everywhere you look there and bouncing members, dripping with your juices and theirs. You look at me frequently, often when you are coming, letting me know what heaven you are in. By the time they have all taken their turn at both ends, you are a wreck, shaking uncontrollably, giggling almost manically with the visceral delight of being so thoroughly, mercilessly and relentlessly fucked.

As they leave you collapse on the bed, trembling violently, shattered and drenched in man juice, six men’s spunk trickling down your delightful curves. You want to just pass out but there is one more thing you must do. You stagger off the bed and walk over to me, and remove the gag. You kiss me softly, the taste of other men trickling down my chin. Then hold your still wet, throbbing pussy to my face and gently bring your self to yet another orgasm. You close your eyes and growl with delight at sound of me swallowing their cum.

On all fours again, you take my cock wetly into your mouth and start me on my way to orgasm. I have not come in a week and its not likely to take long. Just before I come though, just as the first gush of semen starts to explode up my length, you stop and reach over to the bedside table and take a dice. You watch the frustration in my eyes for an minute and then you explain, “One, two or three: and I suck you off right now. Four or five: and you wait another day. Six: and you wait another week. Agreed?” I nod, and you roll the dice.

10 responses

  1. perhaps one day someone will award you with a special set of dice…for your frustrating pleasure.

    13.06.10 at 15.00

  2. junelikethemonth

    Pure delightful evil

    12.04.13 at 20.56

    • i knew you’d like that
      how do you see the dice coming up?

      12.04.13 at 20.57

  3. Holy crap, now I feel frustrated… poor bastard!

    12.04.10 at 21.16

    • it all depends on the roll of that di – how do you imagine it coming up?

      12.04.10 at 21.17

      • Well… knowing you, the poor guy’s gotta suffer a little more before he gets any release which means us (the readers) get to suffer along with the poor sap.

        12.04.10 at 21.18

        • ‘fraid the story ends there, this time.

          12.04.10 at 21.19

  4. TheOthers1

    I felt frustrated for the character. Frustrated and jealous. I don’t think I could wait or make someone else wait, for that matter. Withholding pleasure would torture me just as much. Intense story.

    12.04.09 at 23.57

    • thanks it was intended to be intense and disturbing more than anything

      12.04.10 at 11.25

  5. snarkysnatch

    Tasty stuff luv. Great piece!!

    12.04.09 at 23.12

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