Defined beauty

I want to worship you
And kneel before your dark, wet glory.
I want to lay you down
And spread you out
On my alter of lust.

I want for you to be my religion
My one true faith and angel of my desires.
I want to taste your holy grail
And drink your carnal wine
In our moments of love.

I want to sacrifice myself to you
And drown in your intoxication.
I want feel your body rock,
thighs wrapped
tight around my neck as you explode.

I want to devote myself to you
And write your beauty as scripture
And for beauty to be defined
Your name alone.

26 responses

  1. worship of the best kind

    13.06.10 at 16.49

  2. Kana Tyler

    It’s as much fun reading COMMENTS on your blog as it is to read the original posts! You’ve got people going, sir, no doubt about it! πŸ˜‰

    12.05.09 at 18.39

    • i love my comments – thank you

      12.05.09 at 18.48

  3. I want to share this on my FB page but I’m not sure how to get there without passing by my profile…if my great aunt Rachel (she’s 90) reads this…I’m not sure she will appreciate it. I am certain that even if I was 100 years old, I would still find this poem just as beautiful, moving….stirring. You will be famous soon and forget all of us little scribblers, but we won’t forget you.


    12.04.11 at 12.26

    • this is why i don’t let my family on fartbook πŸ˜‰

      i’m glad you liked it – i doubt i will ever be famous but i will never forget my friends here and i will never ever forget you my dawn, never ever.


      12.04.11 at 12.33

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  5. Dear Kyle,
    This is very hot, hotter than church on Sunday.
    Alma Muffler

    12.04.11 at 01.25

    • hotter than church? wow, that is hot!

      12.04.11 at 10.26

  6. You’re making women melt all over the world – beautiful Sir!

    12.04.11 at 00.11

    • i like the idea of that – beautiful lady

      12.04.11 at 10.20

      • eroticexploration

        Oh, the lovely lady is certainly right – definitely melting here in London! (and thinking you might enjoy my first blog post – haven’t posted very many so it’s quite easy to find if you fancy a look)

        12.05.05 at 01.16

        • then i will – love what i’ve read of you so far

          12.05.05 at 03.30

          • eroticexploration

            *sigh* flattery will get you everywhere!

            12.05.05 at 12.04

  7. Oh the things your lines do to me….

    12.04.10 at 22.52

    • oh the things your comments do to me…

      12.04.10 at 22.53

    • expand on that, please

      12.04.10 at 23.10

      • Oh… Now that would be telling now wouldn’t it. Well, because it’s you… They make my shoulders curl in, like I’m trying to hold myself, my collar bones becoming super defined. And then I will realize my left hand has dropped from my desk and is drawing intricate patterns on my thigh while the fingers of my right hand have entwined themselves in the hair just above my ear.

        12.04.11 at 00.38

        • my god, you are delightful

          12.04.11 at 10.10

  8. I love carnal wine. What a poem. C’est magnifique.

    12.04.10 at 22.49

    • thank you – french wine being the best

      12.04.10 at 22.55

  9. Fucking beautiful!

    12.04.10 at 21.25

    • definitely
      thanks you

      12.04.10 at 22.03

  10. Very delicately written, beautiful!

    12.04.10 at 21.23

    • thanks, i thought you might like it

      12.04.10 at 21.26

  11. Gillian Colbert

    Lovely and carnal … the best kind of words

    12.04.10 at 21.10

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