What a wanker!

Hey! I’m featured on WordPress’s Topics page, under the topic of Masturbation! I’m also featured on their Flash Fiction page. So I’m a wanker and a flasher. Proudest day of this blogger’s life. *sheds tear*

It seems I am already inspiring others to write about what a wanker I can be, like Rebekkah. Thank you Rebekkah

If you are wondering what I was doing typing ‘masturbation’ into the search field of WP’s Topics page, then this is clearly the first time you’ve visited my blog.

Do you know know what I like to think about when I masturbate?


35 responses

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  2. I wonder why I laughed after reading this…I guess it tickled my fancy. Nice post

    12.04.11 at 02.53

    • i’m glad you did laugh, that was the idea 🙂
      thanks for commenting

      12.04.11 at 10.34

  3. Dear Kyle
    Congrats and happy masturbation.
    Alma Muffler

    12.04.11 at 01.30

  4. gypsy116

    Congratulations 🙂 And what a great topic to be recognized for 🙂

    12.04.11 at 00.08

    • thank you – i do put in a lot of training 😉

      12.04.11 at 10.35

      • gypsy116


        12.04.11 at 20.48

  5. lol nice work sir.

    12.04.10 at 21.17

  6. Too funny, you flashed wanker!

    12.04.10 at 17.14

    • thank you, how sweet x

      12.04.10 at 17.16

  7. randalldeanscott

    Well done! Congrats!

    12.04.10 at 16.23

  8. Kyle, you are not merely a wanker! You are my all-time favorite wanker! Congratulations are in order!


    12.04.10 at 16.11

    • why wank you very much.
      sorry that was a dread full pun *hangs head in shame*

      12.04.10 at 17.02

  9. You were featured in “flash” fiction yesterday too!

    12.04.10 at 14.53

    • wow – thanks – wow – so now i’m a flasher and a wanker – i’ve never felt so proud

      12.04.10 at 14.56

  10. Well if you’re going to be so good as to be “featured” at something, I’d say masturbation, is a pragmatic one (and “self serving” also! har har har) 🙂

    12.04.10 at 14.43

    • thank you anne.
      i think only featured because i write about it, sadly my penis is too small for me to be any good at the real thing 🙂

      12.04.10 at 14.46

  11. TheOthers1

    Me? Should we discuss what I’m wearing then? Lol.

    12.04.10 at 12.21

    • you’re in
      and please do

      12.04.10 at 12.30

  12. Congratulations! I didn’t even know you could get featured under topics!

    12.04.10 at 10.53

    • its amazing what you discover when you start typing rude words into WP’s search field, give it a go sometime 😉

      12.04.10 at 11.23

  13. You’re the king bator dude!!! 🙂

    12.04.10 at 10.45

    • i am the master bator 🙂

      12.04.10 at 11.22

      • I’m sure I’d outdo you!

        12.04.10 at 11.41

        • that sounds like a challenge – you’re on dude – all we need is a venue and a panel of judges – volunteers anyone?

          12.04.10 at 11.43

          • HAH! 🙂

            12.04.10 at 12.31

          • Oooh this is so grrrreat…Congratulations Sir!!! You and Pete gonna whip out your swords to see who can outdoe the other?

            12.04.10 at 23.06

            • i’d like that, especially if you could be one of the judges

              12.04.10 at 23.08

              • : p

                12.04.12 at 23.22

                • is that a yes?

                  12.04.12 at 23.35

                  • Bring it ya tease!

                    12.04.13 at 00.58

                    • careful now, or i might take you upon that

                      12.04.13 at 01.00

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