My mouth presses against yours, our lips hot and wet, our tongues tasting each other’s longing.

I move down, slowly, kissing your chin, gently tickling your neck with the tip of my tongue, making you giggle a little. I nibble on your shoulder and then kiss your achingly beautiful breasts thirstily, your nipples hard and sweet. I take them in my mouth and caress them with my tongue, then blow on them making you shiver a little. I bite one, the left one, ever so gently, and drink in the sound of your little gasps.

I move down and start to kiss your soft, warm belly, showering it with tiny raindrops of my love my hands running up and down your sides as I do.

I move down and you moan in anticipation of what is to come. You spread your arms wide, your fingers grasping the soft cotton sheets as my mouth moves around your beckoning pussy, breathing in your heady odours, hovering over your dark delights.
I plant a tiny kiss on your clit and feel a little shimmer run up your body and your breath quicken. I plant another, slightly longer one and softly tickle you with the tip of my tongue. Your moans thrill me, and I run my tongue down your glorious length pushing it thickly into you as your hands clasp the bed beneath you, your fingers digging deep. I lick faster and then take your clit into my mouth, sucking on it gently. Your hand grasps the back of my head and you pull me into you, wanting more. I take your legs and hold them high, pushing your knees towards your shoulders as I love your glistening pussy harder and faster with my mouth. Waves of deep pleasure sweep through you and your breath bursts from your lungs in hot fast gasps, and your moans become screams as I fill myself with your intoxicating flavour, dedicated to your pleasure. I stop briefly and blow on your wetness making you scriggle, which is a word I have just for you, to describe that half-scream, half-giggle of yours.

I move down and lick harder and faster and deeper and wetter as I feel your orgasm rise up in you, your hips rocking to the rhythm of your deepest desires, your body writhing with carnal delight. My mouth around you, I make a gentle humming sound, vibrating your clit and you punch the bed again and again, screaming “Fuck!” and “YES!” and “You beautiful cunt!” Your orgasm ravishes your body like a wild animal bursting free from a cage and your eyes mist over from sheer joy. I revel in your pleasure and drink it in deep, loving the shuddering of your body, the way the bed shakes and rattles with your visceral release.

You collapse on the bed, our fingers still clasping each other, panting and satisfied. Between your smiled panting, you manage to utter a single word.


14 responses

  1. mmmmm

    13.06.10 at 16.58

  2. junelikethemonth

    Mmmmm damn

    12.04.13 at 20.52

    • damn indeed, thanks

      12.04.13 at 21.13

  3. Kyle. excellent. Now I’m all excited. And it’s 230 am. Damn.

    12.04.12 at 07.36

    • hehehe – good to hear

      12.04.12 at 13.32

  4. TheOthers1

    Oh, yes. very nice. My favorite part was the clasped fingers at the end. I’m feeling sentimental and that got me.

    12.04.11 at 21.52

  5. sweetestsecrets

    I adore “scriggle,” and I love the way it ends. Although I probably shouldn’t have read this at work, since now I’m all turned on and it’s a full eight hours before I can do anything about it.

    12.04.11 at 16.54

    • i’m thrilled that you enjoyed it so much
      perhaps i should put up a “not to be read at work” warning, but i doubt i will, its much more fun to catch you out 🙂
      thanks, you made a scribbler’s day

      12.04.11 at 16.59

  6. “scriggle”…great word!

    12.04.11 at 16.09

    • cheers, just ain’t it?

      12.04.11 at 16.10

  7. Intoxicating…

    12.04.11 at 16.04

  8. Oh my gosh. I’m in the waiting room at the doctor surrounded by people while reading this… frantically crossing my legs.

    12.04.11 at 16.02

    • you have no idea what a thrill that gives me, to know that. thank you sugar, you have made my day

      12.04.11 at 16.05

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