I just can’t figure

With over two terabytes of hard core porn on my hard drive, I just can’t figure out why this is simply the most beautiful image I have ever seen.

Will someone please explain this shit to me?

13 responses

  1. Its because its a beautiful picture of them bidding you goodbye after you have satisfied all of them completely… and they you. Don’t you remember??

    12.04.12 at 07.57

    • of course – that was a hell of a week, remember?

      12.04.12 at 13.21

  2. It’s because you just see the silouhettes. You don’t see them. You get to use your imagination to think of what every single one of those women looks like. You see curves, you see outlines, you see sunlight. You’re right it is one of the most beautiful images. You see women for what they are. Just gorgeous rays of light and shadow…… Not something sexual…..

    12.04.12 at 03.35

    • you are so right – thank you

      12.04.12 at 13.21

      • No thank you! I think women are beautiful creatures. Maybe because I am one. I may be straight or bi-curious but I find them just gorgeous. This photo just proves our beauty is not all in what we see. It is in what we feel too.

        12.04.12 at 13.28

        • i couldn’t agree more

          12.04.12 at 13.31

  3. Hey, I just figured it out, you answered your own question with your title Depraved Eyes! I’m a genius!

    12.04.12 at 02.18

    • you really are x

      12.04.12 at 13.20

  4. Because the above image is such a powerful statement of the true nature of a woman’s power that it functions as a balance to all those millions upon millions of bytes that are merely an illusion, poor reflections of the true beauty of the female spirit…. seems obvious to me…. We can only know as much joy as we have felt pain, and the same is true of the beauty of the sexual nature of a woman versus the opposites inherent in hard core porn, that highlight the baser aspects of that spiritual nature…. hence the societal connotations attached to the concepts of clean vs. dirty…. I prefer this one, too….


    12.04.11 at 20.55

    • nah, its cos you can make out some nipple

      12.04.11 at 20.56

      • Cute, but, no cigar…. and don’t call me Shirley, please… 🙂

        12.04.11 at 21.02

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