A few of the superheroes I’ve become.

The Amazing Procrastinator

The Incredible Never Washes Up Man

The Mighty Masurbator

The Awesome Can Never Find His Glasses Man

Playstation Boy

Super Watched The Wire Eight And A Half Times Man

The Daring Loves His Phone More Than His Mom Man

The Outlandish Pornography Woman

The Amazing Forgets To Water The Plants Boy

The Incredible Shrinking Dick

The Mighty Sarcasm Man

Whenever I can’t think of something to write I just pinch an idea from someone good. Thanks Mike



17 responses

  1. SweetP

    Mask yes, afterall a super hero of so many talents must never reveal his true self, now go and call your mom! LOL

    12.04.13 at 03.11

    • lol – yes i will – thanks

      12.04.13 at 10.51

  2. It’s a bird, it’s a plane… No!! IT’S THE INREDIBLE SHRINKING DICK!!! Dude, this is so gonna be the next big blockbuster! I can see it now.

    12.04.12 at 22.44

    • i was thinking “the incredible sarcastic dick” lol

      12.04.12 at 23.04

  3. Very impressive!

    12.04.12 at 18.16

  4. Wow! Call marvel comics, I think we have a new character here! 🙂

    12.04.12 at 16.39

    • hahaha – which one?

      12.04.12 at 16.52

      • The incredible never washes up man! Haha! How about wrapping them all into one?

        12.04.12 at 17.03

        • What? The Amazing Procrastinating, Never Washes Up, Masturbating, Can Never Find His Glasses, Playstation, Watched The Wire Eight And A Half Times, Loves His Phone More Than His Mom, Pornography, Forgets To Water The Plants, Shrinking, Sarcastic Dick Man?

          actually i rather like the idea of sarcastic dick man – everywhere he goes, his dick makes sarcastic comments – lol

          12.04.12 at 17.18

  5. “Thank you.” – Flattered Man.

    12.04.12 at 16.39

  6. As long as you have a cape… and super hero boots! : )

    12.04.12 at 16.33

    • of course – and a mask

      12.04.12 at 16.34

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