Friday the 13th

“We got married on Friday the 13th.”
“Yeah, it was free”
“Yeah, the place was booked up for months but no one wanted to get married on Friday the 13th so they were doing it for free. It was a beautiful building too.”
“You’re not superstitious, then?
“I wasn’t,” I glance across at the wife, “but I fucking well am now!”


9 responses

  1. That was hilarious!!!

    12.04.14 at 01.19

  2. Ha ha ha!

    12.04.14 at 00.57

    • *pleased smile*

      12.04.14 at 00.59

  3. Ha ha ha

    12.04.13 at 20.47

    • thanks – true story though

      12.04.13 at 20.48

  4. Too funny! Are you superstitious Kyle?

    12.04.13 at 15.38

    • i think its its bad luck to be superstitious

      12.04.13 at 15.44

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