Nothing gets me hotter

i’m trying to diversify
and not just write clit lit
but the numbers of visits that i get
goes up when i write that shit

i thought i might try poetry
i could even do horror, i bet
but all i really wanna do
is make your pussy wet.

flash fiction might be all the rage
and poetry is fun
but nothing gets me hotter
than writing words that make you come

27 responses

  1. Not even a woman and that makes me vibrate in pure ecstasy…

    12.04.16 at 05.47

  2. hahah CUM. πŸ™‚

    12.04.14 at 12.19

  3. My Kyle,
    If you didn’t already exist, we would have to create you! Thank you for always making me smile and tingle.


    12.04.14 at 09.35

    • that’s just too sweet of you dawn
      baisers sales

      12.04.14 at 10.49

  4. You’re one really witty guy!! I never know what to expect when I get here.. πŸ™‚

    12.04.14 at 06.07

  5. hmm hmm hmm Kyle Kyle. .
    Never a dull moment with you darling ha and thank you!!

    12.04.14 at 02.26

    • you are very welcome

      12.04.14 at 10.50

  6. Damn clever Kyle. I think you should write whatever makes you happy.

    12.04.14 at 00.51

    • but then i’d just write the word ‘boobies’ over and over again

      12.04.14 at 01.12

      • Gosh damnit! boobies boobies boobies boobies boobies … well with a bit of font variety and colours it might not be so bad. Hey reminds me of real life right πŸ™‚ It’s all about tits!

        12.04.14 at 01.15

  7. sweetestsecrets

    I’m happy that it gets you hot too, because you are so ridiculously good at it. And it’s not very fair if the pleasure only goes one way. πŸ™‚

    12.04.13 at 20.16

    • a pleasure shared is a pleasure doubled, eh?
      thank you πŸ™‚

      12.04.13 at 23.52

  8. Gillian Colbert

    There’s a reason I keep coming back, doll. My clit loves your clit lit πŸ˜‰

    12.04.13 at 19.14

    • its why i write

      12.04.13 at 19.15

  9. TheOthers1

    Clit lit? That’s gotta be my favorite name for the genre ever. We are voyeurs and do so much like have our parts stimulated. Personally, I enjoy my writing much like I enjoy my men; able to do more than just get my hot. I want a conversation and candles too. I do enjoy when you give me all parts of you in the form of your writing. The depth is appreciated.

    Deep moment aside, I did enjoy this poem and the fact that you do such good work getting me excited. πŸ™‚

    12.04.13 at 18.30

  10. junelikethemonth

    Oh and how you do kyle…you’re the only guy who can make me cum with his mere words…I’m still working on my short fiction piece for you….trying to get the courage to finish and publish it…I don’t know what it is, but writing real sex is easier for me lol

    12.04.13 at 17.41

    • that’s good to know, because i never manage to make a woman come with my tiny dick and lousy cunnilingus technique.
      i look forward to reading your story.
      you write real sex brilliantly – one day, if i ever actually get some, i might give writing about it a go.
      thanks for your comment.

      12.04.13 at 18.15

      • hahahahaha. you kid.

        12.04.13 at 20.29

        • you’ll never know πŸ˜‰

          12.04.13 at 20.35

  11. You make a lot of women tingly…….;)

    12.04.13 at 17.22

    • well that’s good to know – you have made my day

      12.04.13 at 17.44

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