Damn it Janet

damn it,
you are the most beautiful woman on the planet.
you give me me a hard-on that feels like granite.
and we would never have met,
if it wasn’t for the internet.
i wish your name were janet,
then this bloody poem would rhyme.

8 responses

  1. hehe too fuckin cute.

    12.04.17 at 14.40

  2. HAhah okay now my morning routine is to come here for a big loud and unstoppable belly laugh Mr. K!! This is classic YOU really. 🙂

    12.04.16 at 13.58

  3. The power of the Rocky Horror cannot be denied! I know because I’ve donned the fishnet stockings a time or two and got my Time Warp on in the roles of both Frankenfurter and Colombia before. Good times.

    PS love your writing. You have a talent at being a clit lit genius!

    12.04.16 at 13.53

    • thank you mate

      12.04.16 at 14.11

    • TheOthers1

      I was going to say something about Rocky Horror! That’s immediately what I thought of when I saw the title.

      12.04.16 at 15.53

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