RIP Mrs Bucket

I am sorry to inform you, but sadly Mrs Bucket has passed away. She was found here in Kyle’s office this morning, clutching a picture of his unimpressive dick, having drowned in a sizeable pool of her own love juice.

My name is Sally Dofuckall, and I will be taking over until Kyle returns, which should not be long. He sends his kindest regards and says he is having a great abduction, he is particularly enjoying the orifice probes that these aliens so like to employ. He has met God, who he thought was a dicksplash and Elvis, who he thought was a god. He say’s that Joan of Arc gives great head and that Mother Teresa is into fisting.

I found this poem in his drafts. I hope he doesn’t mind me publishing it, I’m not sure it is finished.

i wanna dance with you
i wanna romance with you
i wanna fly with you
and get high with you

i wanna cry with you
i wanna die for you
i wanna come in you
and have fun with you

i wanna sleep with you
or count sheep with you
if we can’t

12 responses

  1. aww, poor misunderstood Mrs Bucket… but what a way to go eh? 😛

    12.04.18 at 14.07

  2. Wow, thank goodness Ertha is gone!

    12.04.17 at 16.40

    • i agree but the nature of her demise was rather sad

      12.04.17 at 16.42

  3. Hi Miss Sally, that’s a great poem, might not be finished, but some things doesn’t need to be finished right. Did Kyle send any pictures yet?

    12.04.17 at 15.24

    • Hi Miss Anette, thank you. Kyle has sent several pictures but I they are of such a perverse nature, that I will be keeping them to myself.

      12.04.17 at 16.38

      • You got that right…
        You know what Miss Sally, you should stop being so selfish!

        12.04.17 at 16.40

        • Ha, you will have to wrestle these pics from my cold dead hands.

          12.04.17 at 16.47

          • I will Miss Sally. I will.

            12.04.17 at 16.49

            • she has left some interesting stuff in my drafts, i may well post them

              12.04.17 at 17.35

  4. your blog always makes me smile!

    12.04.17 at 15.11

    • thanks for that 🙂

      12.04.17 at 15.16

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