so, i’m on the tube the other day, ok? and it comes to a halt in the middle of a tunnel, and we all sit there in silence and wait, and then this voice comes over the public address system, “we apologise for the delay. this is due to a passenger under a train at oxford circus.” now, this got me thinking. a passenger i thought, under a train. I thought about how wrong that was, because surely, if you are under the train then you are not a passenger.

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  1. Sometimes, I find it disturbing how much my mind works the same as yours. When I read the part about the passenger under the train, I said OUT-LOUD, Mmmm…wouldn’t really be a passenger, now would he? Then I read the rest and started laughing….Awesome minds, friend. Awesome minds.


    12.04.20 at 00.51

    • hahaha – that’s spooky

      12.04.20 at 10.09

  2. So rude to be suicidal and delay Trains and real passengers…

    12.04.19 at 21.22

    • i know, such inconsideration

      12.04.19 at 21.53

  3. I love you Kyle!

    12.04.19 at 19.10

    • awww, my heart melts

      12.04.19 at 19.11

  4. That really made me laugh hard! 🙂

    12.04.19 at 18.19

    • i’m glad to hear

      12.04.19 at 18.32

  5. TheOthers1

    That would make you the track.

    Crazy though. I wonder what happened

    12.04.19 at 13.16

    • yeah, you definitely need to be in a train to qualify as a passenger in my books 🙂

      12.04.19 at 13.18

  6. SweetP

    Sad but true!

    12.04.19 at 13.09

    • actually they say “a passenger in front of a train” but that wouldn’t have worked as well

      12.04.19 at 13.17

  7. I get it and I know it’s not really funny but it was to me. Never mean to offend I love the satirical and matter of fact voice here. Cracked me up!

    12.04.19 at 11.08

  8. hahahhh 🙂

    12.04.19 at 11.07

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