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This one is for you, Kyle @ Mew Tube – Featured Blog King at Blogs About: Masturbation.

We are not worthy….


Vintage Romance Novels

I came across a comment someone wrote about my mom. It was very nice, and he said he ‘secretly wishes she’d write something filthy’. She will not. I get the sentiment though. It’s like wanting to wrinkle someone who’s very ironed. That’s not her way, however. I don’t think I’ve even heard something truly filthy from her.

I am less pristine. And since we’re all about the followers here at EHaS, I thought I’d attempt to fulfill that request. So Kyle, this one’s for you 😉

Disclaimer: I am going to write about masturbation. I intend to tell the truth. Mom, you probably don’t want to read past this point.

I’ve read about the differences in stimulation for men and women. Men are visual, women are…

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9 responses

  1. Your the guy.

    12.04.23 at 13.24

  2. I think my kid may be half in love with you…

    12.04.22 at 23.18

    • warn them bird – i am not a good man to be in love with

      12.04.22 at 23.20

      • I will warn her, Kyle. I will warn her.

        You have read her stuff, though, right? Warnings are never heeded…lol!

        12.04.22 at 23.20

        • i have indeed, like mother like daughter, eh? lol

          12.04.22 at 23.22

          • Proud to say, yes!!

            12.04.22 at 23.31

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