Long distance love

Long distance love can be difficult but it has its upsides too, one being that it doesn’t matter if your farts stink.

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  1. Truly disturbing.

    12.04.23 at 10.44

    • hahaha – yes indeed

      12.04.23 at 10.45

      • I now come to your site and very rarely actually wince…well done, my friend…you de-sensitizing me!!

        12.04.23 at 10.47

        • oh no – i want to make you wince, it is my goal in life

          12.04.23 at 10.51

          • I may look all goody-two-shoes, but don’t be fooled. I have seen just about every vile thing the earth has to offer. ..Bring it on, Kyle!!

            Besides, what if I’m a big fat liar, and tell you I’m not wincing, when I really am?

            12.04.23 at 10.58

            • we will see bird, we will see

              12.04.23 at 10.59

              • lol..Ok. Bring it it on, my friend. I’m braced and ready!!

                12.04.23 at 11.01

  2. Or if your breath smells or u haven’t washed for a few days 😉

    12.04.22 at 13.30

  3. Nope, doesn’t matter at all.

    12.04.22 at 13.28

  4. So true! Thanks for the laugh! 😉

    12.04.22 at 12.06

    • you’re welcome

      12.04.22 at 12.07

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