i am so much more than just flattered by this – i am completely freaked out – because i used to sit by canterbury cathedral a lot and do just that. your post makes me wanna propose

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  1. Excellent post today. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed it very much.

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    12.04.24 at 05.34

  2. See, I got you involved anyways…lol! She did a fantastic job with it, didn’t she???

    12.04.24 at 04.16

    • it was wonderful – thank you bird

      12.04.24 at 16.49

      • I appreciate you taking my little efforts to amuse myself with such good humor… 🙂 You’re a trooper…

        12.04.24 at 16.51

        • you made my day, both of you, you really did 🙂

          12.04.25 at 10.52

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