i am so much more than just flattered by this – i am completely freaked out – because i used to sit by canterbury cathedral a lot and do just that. your post makes me wanna propose

Creative Noodling

It began innocently enough. The trip was billed as a cathedral tour after all. We touched down in Heathrow at 10:20 pm. My body thought it was late afternoon, so the next morning I was in the full throws of jet lag when we entered the first historic house of worship. I wondered away from the group, hoping some outside air would rid my brain of its
curdled state.

He sat cross-legged on the ground, his back against an ancient stone wall, a sketch pad in hand and half smile on his face—the kind one wears when amused at an inside joke no one else will understand. His fingers were stained with charcoal, especially the left pinky which he used to blend and shade the shadowed drawing. I wanted to see it. The way he studied the arched pillars as if they told him secrets and then copied down their…

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  1. Excellent post today. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed it very much.

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    Writers Wanted

    12.04.24 at 05.34

  2. See, I got you involved anyways…lol! She did a fantastic job with it, didn’t she???

    12.04.24 at 04.16

    • it was wonderful – thank you bird

      12.04.24 at 16.49

      • I appreciate you taking my little efforts to amuse myself with such good humor… 🙂 You’re a trooper…

        12.04.24 at 16.51

        • you made my day, both of you, you really did 🙂

          12.04.25 at 10.52

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