The truth about Barbie

A recent study brought to light some interesting facts about Barbie:

If a real woman were to have the same proportions as a Barbie doll, her small feet and large breasts would mean that she would be constantly falling over and would have to crawl around on all fours. She would also need to have someone hold her head up as her neck would be twice as long as the average woman. Her waistline would be so thin that she would only have room for half a liver and a few inches of intestine, causing her to suffer from constant diarrhoea and with a BMI of 10, she would be classed as anorexic and be unable to menstruate or bear children but, lacking any genitalia, that would probably be a good thing. What a wonderful role model that doll is.

In 1994 Barbie was banned in Saudi Arabia, which is strange, because the swimsuit version comes with an easily detachable head.

49 responses

  1. Love the bit about the head!

    12.05.05 at 02.21

    • and its all true – she would be such a freak

      12.05.05 at 03.28

  2. Thanks for this — great! But as I always say: where there’s a diarrheic anorexic woman with a drooping head, half a liver, and few inches of intestines, there’s a fetish.

    12.04.27 at 03.07

    • lol – yes, very true

      12.04.27 at 10.07

    • and where there’s a fetish, there’s an idea for a post lol

      12.05.02 at 21.54

  3. lol…that is hilarious!!

    12.04.26 at 16.59

    • glad you liked it

      12.04.26 at 17.08

  4. Lmao loved this post! Sadly Barbie is really a clown.

    12.04.26 at 15.11

  5. Ever so true! And that last line was hilarious!

    12.04.25 at 22.58

    • thank you, good to know you got it x

      12.04.25 at 22.59

  6. the last line was awesome. the original barbie in the 1950s had no boobs. shows how much the world has changed.

    12.04.25 at 21.57

    • not a fan, you may have guessed. i detest the ridiculous pressure such toys put girls under to conform to such bullshit
      thanks for you comment

      12.04.25 at 22.18

  7. hurtorheal

    Reblogged this on Hurt Or Heal.

    12.04.25 at 21.10

  8. Kyle this is for you:
    Please remember to wear sunscreen and sunglasses 😎
    Let is shine ♥

    12.04.25 at 18.25

  9. Wow Kyle!!! The last line made me drop my jaw.

    12.04.25 at 16.14

    • thanks anette – i try

      12.04.25 at 16.38

  10. we’d take sharpies and tattoo our barbies, smear lipstick on their faces and cut their hair and rat it out…except for one, she stayed pristine, lived in the Barbie townhouse with Ken. At night, all the tattooed messed up Barbies would invade perfect Barbies house, steal Ken and tie him up, leaving poor perfect Barbie alone and fake crying.

    12.04.25 at 15.02

    • that’s awesome

      12.04.25 at 15.19

  11. Oh don’t diss barbie… It’s because of her I realised you can have luxury homes, horses and fancy cars without having a job 🙂

    12.04.25 at 14.48

    • hahaha – i’m loving the comments i’m getting on this post
      death to barbie
      and ken

      12.04.25 at 14.49

  12. There are so many women that think that Barbie is the ideal woman. Me I think that Marilyn Monroe is. Give me a size 12 woman who loves her sexuality and fragility. Hell give me a size 24 woman that knows her sexuality and fragility. Those are the best kind of women to be and raise….

    12.04.25 at 14.04

    • real women – fuck yeah!

      12.04.25 at 14.15

  13. TheOthers1

    I was never a big Barbie fan. Society taught me how to be insecure by different means.

    12.04.25 at 13.26

    • there are so many wonderful ways to fuck up our self esteem aren’t there? but its not fair, why do girls have so many more than boys? it was my action man that made me join the army lol

      12.04.25 at 13.46

  14. My Kyle,
    Don’t slam Barbie! If it wasn’t for her, I might actually like my body. Imagine what a fucking disaster that would be!

    Crumpet Kiss,

    12.04.25 at 12.59

    • haha you’re right,that would be terrible 😉

      12.04.25 at 13.24

  15. Rob

    Like the “detachable head” quip!

    12.04.25 at 12.53

  16. How disappointing… You’d think barbie would be cooler after that disney movie, life sized. DX

    12.04.25 at 12.52

    • OMG! they made a movie!?

      12.04.25 at 12.56

      • Yes! 😀 Came out 12 years ago. Here’s the link about the movie. It’s not quite accurate, but it is still amusing.

        12.04.25 at 21.46

        • i think i would rather scoop out my own eyes with red-hot, rusty spoons that watch that but thank you for informing me of its existence – i dearly hope that you have never had to experience such horrendous perversity yourself

          thank you for taking the time to attempt to corrupt me, as you can see, i am already something of a sicko, but there are some things that are too deprived, even for my lost soul.

          12.04.25 at 21.53

  17. Zen

    And yet she keeps smiling! Maybe that’s the role-model aspect of it; even if you have a fully-dysfunctional body, you can still survive and lead a full life!

    12.04.25 at 12.51

    • or just denial?
      who knows?
      thank you for your comment

      12.04.25 at 18.40

  18. I had about 80 barbies and a purple barbie corvette that I drove around my neighborhood and look how normal I turned out to be.

    12.04.25 at 12.40

    • ha ha, very true

      12.04.25 at 12.41

  19. Okay so Barbie has overdone the whole plastic surgery a bit but hell the girl needs to release some tension especially as Ken has no balls, why else would she be out there trying out all those careers

    12.04.25 at 12.29

    • ha ha, its true.
      if you ask me, she just can’t hold down a job.

      12.04.25 at 12.31

  20. She’s still hot!!! (don’t ask, I have odd tastes) 🙂

    12.04.25 at 12.19

  21. Wow, that really makes you think…Maybe that IS the ideal woman to some people. Scary 😦

    12.04.25 at 12.17

    • worrying, isn’t it?
      thanks for commenting

      12.04.25 at 12.20

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