I want to be a woman – part II

Thank you everyone for leaving such sweet comments on my post ‘I want to be a woman‘ However I have been properly put in my place today by some things that I have been made to think, and I decided a more realistic version was in order.

Just for a day,
Or maybe a weekend,
I want to be a woman.

I want to know
What it feels like to give birth,
To spend hours, or days
In pain and feel my softest parts tear open.

I want to know how it feels for my nipples
To dry and crack
And bleed
At the mouth of a hungry infant.

I want to know how it feels
To have a period,
Expereince cramps
And have my hormones
Fuck with me
Every bloody month.

I want to know
What it feels like to have breasts,
Have men stare at them
And talk to them,
Rather than my face.

I want to know
What it feels like to get fucked
By some guy who has no idea
What he is doing.
Have him come in my face,
Make me feel inferior,
And never call me again.

I want to know what
Thousands of years of abuse
And being treated as inferior
Feels like,
How it feels to have to be paid less
For working just as hard.

Just for a day,
Or maybe a week,
I want to be a woman.

I didn’t write this really. Thanks to those who did. Seriously, thank you. I have been humbled today.

31 responses

  1. “I want to know
    What it feels like to have breasts,
    Have men stare at them
    And talk to them,
    Rather than my face.”

    Well, you know…it’s not always a bad thing πŸ˜‰ LOL It all depends WHO it is that’s staring at our breasts and how and where πŸ˜‰ hahahahahahha We might feel extremely offended, but also feel empowered in occasions like this, depending on the context πŸ˜‰ I for one LOVE manipulating guys this way sometimes πŸ˜‰ ahahhahaah I like being mean πŸ˜€ There’s nothing better than to watch a guy drool for something he can’t have πŸ˜‰

    12.05.02 at 20.49

    • now that’s quite different, and i do like a mean woman πŸ™‚

      12.05.05 at 11.27

  2. junelikethemonth

    I didn’t reply to the other one because I thought it was well-written and didn’t want to criticize because the imagery was pretty…

    But I do prefer this one more…thank you (and your contributors) for saying the things that needed to be said about what it was like being a woman…

    Maybe if men did have the experience,they might treat us differently…

    12.04.28 at 22.06

    • thanks for that and i think you’re right – cheers

      12.04.28 at 22.54

  3. Most of the things you mention, trust me, you don’t wanna know about. Some of them I don’t even wanna know about. Besides that, very good writing.

    12.04.28 at 04.49

    • me too – thanks anette

      12.04.28 at 11.03

  4. Damn, you must have had some harsh responses to the 1st poem! My guess is you would much rather be the woman in the first poem – anyone would, right?!

    12.04.28 at 00.21

  5. Ah, yes… there is a downside too, but though I’d love to be a guy for a day, I’d never want to make a permanent switch; there are too many GREAT things about being a woman! Both versions of this poem were perfect darlin.

    12.04.27 at 15.57

    • that’s a wonderful thing to hear dear

      12.04.28 at 00.31

  6. My friend Joey said to me that the word woman should mean open wound. We hurt, we are sensitive, we cry, we sometime cringe at being touched. Yet we are open, nurturing, loving, and can be strong even when we are supposed to be falling apart. We love with our bodies, minds and hearts. We don’t always love smartly but we try. It’s fulfilling and heartbreaking to be a woman. But for me it is more often the former than the latter. Thanks for the beautiful poem Kyle…..

    12.04.27 at 04.08

    • and thanks for your beautiful reply renee

      12.04.27 at 10.08

      • You’re welcome Kyle. Thank you for the beautiful words. And your understanding. There aren’t many men that do….

        12.04.27 at 13.34

  7. Well, ladies, one of them seems to understand… Only millions more to go!! LOL

    Seriously though, it’s nice to see that a man gets it!!

    12.04.27 at 01.42

    • By the way, I shared this with my Facebook peeps.

      12.04.27 at 01.44

      • that’s awesome of you – thank you

        12.04.27 at 10.06

    • thanks – it took some time though

      12.04.27 at 10.06

  8. You nailed it…both the good and bad…well said!

    12.04.26 at 22.22

    • and thank you for saying that

      12.04.27 at 10.05

  9. TheOthers1

    There’s the good and the bad of being a woman. Both speak of our strength and ability to carry on. Great poem.

    12.04.26 at 20.35

    • thanks – glad you said that

      12.04.26 at 20.36

    • thanks very much and yes, very true

      12.04.27 at 10.05

  10. gypsy116

    I would definitely want to switch bodies with a man and be a man for a bit just to see what its like, and Ive often thought that my life would be easier if I was a man, for lots of reasons, but Id never trade being a woman, theres more good than bad in my opinion.

    12.04.26 at 20.20

    • i think its cool that you feel like that – i feel the same about being a man – i think its a sign of balance and self acceptance – it would be nice to find out tho, wouldn’t it? thanks for your comments hon

      12.04.26 at 20.22

      • gypsy116

        Yup, it would, and welcome πŸ™‚

        12.04.26 at 20.24

  11. Trust you to make it sound like you’d really enjoy it… πŸ˜‰

    12.04.26 at 20.11

  12. Sounds about right–not always, but sometimes. Thank you for posting this.

    12.04.26 at 19.44

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