The big oak desk

your desk at work is a big, old fashioned oak affair, covered on three sides and facing the door. i am not supposed to visit you at work, so when we hear someone approaching down the corridor outside, you tell me to hide, under the desk.

as i crouch there, listening to your conversation with some man, i slip my hand up inside your short, green, cotton skirt and gently tickle the inside of your thigh. your voice goes up a notch briefly before you bring it under control.  you gesture to me to stop with a hand under the desk, which i grab and kiss and you pull it away, but i know you are suppressing a smile up there.

when he has gone, you tell me to come out but i don’t, i slide my hands further up your legs to the top of your thighs and pull your panties to one side and plant a gentle kiss on your pussy, feeling how warm it is getting. you tell me to ‘stop it’, but i can tell from the hidden giggle in your voice that you don’t mean it. i kiss you again, longer and harder and feel you getting wet as i flick softly at your clit with my tongue. i push your legs wide open and run my tongue up the length of your silky treasure, loving your taste and the way your hips are now rocking lightly back and forth with the rhythm of your pleasure as i lick harder and faster at your throbbing, hard clit.

i feel your orgasm begin to rise in you, a distant carnal rumbling, making your legs tremble. you have to grip the edge of the desk hard to prevent yourself from moaning. then i hear another voice, a man’s, he is asking you lots of questions. you try to push my head away and close your legs but i don’t let you and lick harder and faster and feel you quake as your orgasm rises up through you. you try to answer his questions with ‘yes’ and ‘okay’, but he is asking complicated difficult things and i hear you squeak ‘er, can i get back to you on that?’ he asks if you’re all-right   and i can feel you nod your head ‘es thanks.’ you gasp as your orgasm explodes through your body.

when he is gone and you are completed, you drag me from under the big oak desk and glare at me crossly and then plant a big kiss on my still wet lips and flash me your biggest smile.

16 responses

  1. good one, kyle…definitely in my top 10 😉

    12.04.28 at 21.04

    • why, thank you. you are in my top ten too

      12.04.28 at 21.05

      • haha…thanks. I think.

        12.04.28 at 21.06

        • i’ll be honest…
          you’re in my top three lol

          12.04.28 at 21.08

  2. I’m back. Reading again…. Tried the like button again… I’ll print and laminate.

    12.04.28 at 04.43

    • sounds like a plan stan

      12.04.28 at 11.03

  3. TheOthers1

    Silky treasure. I think that will become my favorite phrase. Like it.

    12.04.27 at 23.41

  4. A erotically delicious tale…well told

    12.04.27 at 15.16

    • and thank you for saying so, it is much appreciated

      12.04.27 at 22.16

  5. clownonfire

    Next time I have to think of a gift for a friend, I’ll know what to get them.
    …..Actually….. A desk, or the url to your blog….?
    Le Clown

    12.04.27 at 13.54

    • the url to my blog is a lot cheaper – thanks

      12.04.27 at 13.57

  6. I want a desk!

    12.04.27 at 13.05

    • and i wanna be under it

      12.04.27 at 13.33

  7. Just fabulous…. I was actually waiting for the phone to ring 😉

    12.04.27 at 12.56

    • thanks – lol, i wish i’d thought of that

      12.04.27 at 13.34

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