Thank you

I’m not going to be around as much for the next few months. I have found a new book deal, and as a ‘so called writer’ I have to go with it. Its a dull technical tome on how to program smart-phones, much like my last book. It will contain no erections or wet pussies or orgasms (although I will try to sneak one or two past my editors) and will be as dry as hell to write, but it will mean that I can still continue to put food on my table using the words in my head. There is a certain irony to this deal – ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that I can barely operate my own smart-phone, and I am the world’s worst ever DrawSomething player.

“Writing is about the only profession where nobody is surprised that you make absolutely no money”


I would much rather be here, banging away at the keyboard with one hand, and my cock with the other, and I will still try to post at least daily. I have had a wonderful few months here and have enjoyed your company more than I can say.

I am currently in the process of knocking out the book outline and negotiating a contract that won’t leave me poorer than when I started, so I should be around for a bit.

Thank you everybody who has commented and liked and followed or just even read my ramblings. I love you all and have jacked off to every one of your comments and gravatar pics – although I’m not certain that that is a good definition of love.


~ k )

54 responses

  1. If I was clever, and knew enough slang, I’d write a send off by your scrappy, cockney thug soldier. He would say something brash that revealed a tender perspective on your personality that lightens life up. I think of wordpress as pub of sorts, and you’re just going on a little vacation. Cheers to your deal Kyle. ( Tell people how to program a “back door” with some dirty innuendo. The author of some books on Adobe’s programs – Scott Kelby- is very sarcastic and funny at times. You could go to 11 in that aspect. That was a Spinal Tap reference of how much higher YOU could take it. )

    12.05.01 at 00.14

    • thanks jayne – love your idea and so wish i could write it like that but my publishers are as dull as dishwater and simply wouldn’t let me *sigh* never mind i’ll be back soon to write whatever i like here x

      12.05.01 at 10.15

  2. SweetP

    Congrats and happy writing!

    12.04.30 at 23.31

  3. I’ll be waiting with bated breath for your return!

    12.04.30 at 20.47

    • i’ll be back, keep your breath bated, whatever that means.

      12.04.30 at 21.20

  4. Of course wordpress still won’t let me use the like button, so I will just say I liked this! You crack me up!

    12.04.30 at 19.44

  5. Kyle…congrats!

    12.04.30 at 13.49

  6. Gillian Colbert

    Congratulations, Darlin! Just come back to us when you’re done.

    12.04.30 at 01.48

    • thanks – i will

      12.04.30 at 10.23

  7. gypsy116

    Awe, kind of sad you wont be around as much, but congratulations on the book 🙂

    12.04.29 at 21.55

  8. snarkysnatch

    “It will contain no erections or wet pussies or orgasms.” (She goes to impale herself on a fence post) I suppose I can try to entertain myself with the other 423 penis pics you have sent me though.

    12.04.29 at 21.49

    • damn, so you only got the first batch then?

      12.04.29 at 21.50

      • snarkysnatch

        😉 Congrats sugar rod!!! Seriously, I am really proud of you!!!!!

        12.04.29 at 21.59

    • Haha…

      12.04.30 at 13.06

  9. Dear Kyle,
    I’m pleased you’ve wanked over all of your followers gravatars, that’s pretty cool. I’m sure we’re talking love here. Real love.
    Congrats on the book job. That’s awesome, but you’ll have to finish that job fast okay. ♥

    12.04.29 at 21.07

    • i’ll do my best – thank you

      12.04.29 at 21.08

  10. TheOthers1

    This sounded strangely like a “leaving and never coming back” type of post, which can’t be true. Don’t work too hard.

    12.04.29 at 19.18

    • nah! i’ll be back – i doubt i’ll even be away for any length of time now i get to see the book spec
      thanks 1

      12.04.29 at 19.19

  11. My Kyle, please write something about erections every now and then. I find that so refreshing. Don’t be a Stranger in the Dark.

    Something like love only different,

    12.04.29 at 18.24

    • you can count on it my dawn

      here, just for you: “throbbing, engorged and on the verge of erupting…”

      12.04.29 at 18.26

      • Mmmmm! I feel refreshed. Thanks Kyle…I knew I could count on you. “Erupting” is so exciting.

        12.04.29 at 18.29

  12. Congrats but it sucks for us!

    12.04.29 at 18.07

    • thank you – it won’t be for long and after i will be able to devote myself to my blog – and i will still be posting, just don’t know how often until the contract is sorted
      comments like yours will only have me work harder so that i can get back sooner

      12.04.29 at 18.09

  13. clownonfire

    Le Clown

    12.04.29 at 17.50

    • thanks monsieur clown

      12.04.29 at 17.51

      • clownonfire

        Je suis bien content pour toi.
        A plus,
        Le Clown

        12.04.29 at 17.54

        • tu es très gentil de dire que

          12.04.29 at 18.12

  14. Good luck in writing your book… Wish you all the best… Ever need help with your own phone you know where I am 😉


    12.04.29 at 15.46

    • gonna take you up on that

      12.04.29 at 15.51

  15. Bust it out and get back, pronto.

    That is all.

    12.04.29 at 15.44

    • thanks jk, i will, and i’ll pop by too when i can – thank you

      12.04.29 at 15.45

  16. What? How am I supposed to go on? !!! 🙂 Best of luck to you bud, you deserve it, and will be missed.

    12.04.29 at 15.43

    • thanks pete – i wil try to pop by when i can and it might not even kick off properly for the next couple of weeks x

      12.04.29 at 15.45

  17. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    well you will have to pop in to just relieve the tension of writing for no fun! LOLs
    I will miss you Kyle…you do make me smile..
    leaves me speechless at times…LOLs but know I am reading you …
    Take Care…
    You Matter

    12.04.29 at 15.27

    • thank you my love – i will certainly pop in whenever i can – and once the work is done, i will be back with a vengeance lol

      12.04.29 at 15.29

      • LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

        I’m sure! with all that seriouness you will be a volcano waitng to erupt ! which will be pleasure in its own way
        Be Safe..
        have fun..and if its really good fun name it after me!


        12.04.29 at 15.31

        • you can count on it

          12.04.29 at 15.32

  18. I love the way you show love! ; )

    12.04.29 at 15.26

    • cool, ’cause that makes two of us lol

      12.04.29 at 15.27

  19. What!? Is it me? I just came on board and now you’re leaving!? Well, it is nice that you have means to make a buck so good luck! Suggestion: chronicle the project on your blog — “colorfully”…

    12.04.29 at 15.24

    • aww you are too sweet – i will still post when i can, i couldn’t bare to go too far from here for long x

      12.04.29 at 15.26

  20. You probably just broke like 500 horny hearts. Nice work, Kyle. Congrats, too, I suppose. 😉

    12.04.29 at 15.22

    • aw that’s sweet. its only 455 actually – counting that your’s is one of them though 😉

      12.04.29 at 15.23

      • aw, so only 454

        12.04.29 at 15.30

        • aw, and now you’ve broken my heart

          12.04.29 at 15.32

          • hahaha just kidding

            12.04.29 at 15.39

            • aww, that’s made my day

              12.04.29 at 15.40

  21. Just Wanted To Say Good Luck… We’re All Counting On You.
    Write Well, Sir.
    Write Well, Indeed.
    Make Us Proud.
    And PLEASE Try To Slip In A Random Erection Somewhere.

    12.04.29 at 15.20

    • thanks brad
      i’ll do my best and be back as quick as i can xx

      12.04.29 at 15.21

      • I Always Do Enjoy A Decent Quickie!
        Ultra Cool, Mr. Mister!!!
        I’ll Be Waiting With Baited-Breath!!!

        12.04.29 at 15.25

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