Weird bitch

No one could understand why she had done it. She had seemed so happy. She hadn’t always been like that, she had always been rather a melancholy girl, but six months ago she had met a man online and from that point onwards her whole personality had changed. She’d seemed lighter somehow and would smile nearly all the time, she started taking an interest in her appearance and had even dropped 12 pounds.

She talked about nothing else, and we all kinda found it a little boring but we were just so glad to see her happy, that we listened. We got every gory little detail, the poems he wrote her, his confessions of undying love for her, word for word accounts of every IM he had ever sent and far more than we wanted to know about what they got up to on Skype.

We had been a little wary for her, after all this was some guy, thousands of miles away, that she had never actually met, but they sounded so well matched, they shared the same hobbies, liked the same movies and music and TV. Generally, we were all just delighted for her.

So why today? Why would she do something like that on the very day that he was going to fly in and they were going to finally meet?

As the paramedics took down her body, I noticed that her laptop was still on. I navigated my way to her Facebook page and found their thread, just to see what had happened to make her do something like that. My blood froze. There it was, six months of chat. Except it wasn’t, it was just her. There was nothing from him. Tens of thousands of remarks and LOLs and <3s but all from her, just one side of the conversation. I scrolled up and up until my fingers ached, just hoping for some sign of him, tears streaming down my face. It was all there, the poems she’d written him, her responses to comments he’d never made, answers to questions he’d never asked, an acceptance of a proposal he’d never offered. My spine chilled at the recollection of that day, when she’d bounced into work, bubbling with love, telling us all that he had proposed.

I kept scrolling up until I found it. The only comment he had ever made to her, right at the top, six months ago. “Who the fuck are you? You weird bitch!!!”

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  1. this reminded me of a movie with that french actress Audrey Tautou “He loves me…he loves me not” – pretty cool, I recommend it (even if i have already spoiled it for you guys, since you’ve read Kyle’s text…LOL)

    12.05.02 at 20.39

    • i love that movie and audrey tautou is one of my all time favourite screen stars

      12.05.02 at 20.49

      • I like her too!! Well, now that you’ve seen that comment, you can remove it or edit it so that it doesn’t spoil the movie for everyone πŸ˜› hehehehe

        12.05.02 at 20.53

  2. Wow..Believe it or not, this story brought back the memory of a girl I worked with that was just like this. she was stalking her dentist…weird woman. My heart broke for her sometimes when I would hear her talk about how much she loved this guy, knowing full well he had just taken out a protective order against her …Good writing, Kyle. ..As Usual!!

    12.05.01 at 04.43

    • spooky, thanks bird xxx

      12.05.01 at 10.13

  3. Clearly outdone yourself!! Not a surprise though πŸ˜‰

    12.04.30 at 10.31

  4. It just goes to show how at times our fantasy is so much better than our reality or how one forgets what real and virtual is…

    Great write up πŸ˜‰

    12.04.30 at 08.13

    • thanks princess

      12.04.30 at 10.22

  5. Well done! πŸ™‚

    12.04.30 at 00.09

    • thanks πŸ™‚

      12.04.30 at 00.10

  6. gypsy116

    This is so sad 😦 I love that you always manage to make me feel something, good, bad and in between.

    12.04.29 at 22.00

    • i’m glad it worked – thanks

      12.04.29 at 22.01

  7. Wow! Kyle it’s horrible. I’m mean good. But horrible.

    12.04.29 at 21.59

    • hehehe

      12.04.29 at 22.00

      • Is this the book you are gonna write?

        12.04.29 at 22.12

        • oh, i wish. the book is some dull shit about computer programming

          12.04.29 at 22.13

          • Sorry you did mention that… guess I was thinking wishfully. You’ll have to sneak in some drama and dicks. It’ll be the first computer programming book ever to become a number one best seller.

            12.04.29 at 22.27

            • i’d love to but my publishers know me too well, they have a ‘no dick’ clause sewn into my contract

              12.04.29 at 22.28

  8. I wanna read the book, I wanna read the book! When are you writing one! This was fabulous — it made me want to cry!

    12.04.29 at 19.03

    • thank you – cried as i wrote it
      you don’t wanna read the book, its a dull technical manual but thanks for saying

      12.04.29 at 19.13

  9. OMG…that gave me chills!!

    12.04.29 at 18.50

    • good, that was my intention – been meaning to write that for months
      thank you for reading, liking and commenting

      12.04.29 at 18.52

  10. Like doesn’t seem to be the right word for this, there should be a thought provoking button to click

    12.04.29 at 18.47

    • haha – thanks and yeah, i wanna OMG! button and WTF? button and a LOL button

      12.04.29 at 18.48

      • shouldn’t your page have a harry met sally button that goes off at restaurant tables when some one pushes it ‘yes, yes,Yes, YES!!!!!!!!’ hehehehe

        12.04.29 at 18.55

        • yes, yes,Yes, YES!!!!!!!

          12.04.29 at 18.56

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