True love

She was beautiful
And kind and sweet,
Had a laugh
Like forest raindrops.

I thought about her
All the time,
And wanted her to know
Just how i felt.

I showed her my love,
Just what she did to me.
The policeman said
Its called ‘indecent exposure’.

25 responses

  1. got me…was ready to sigh……..NOT snort thru my nose! SOL

    12.05.25 at 18.43

  2. Oh Noooo! That really got me laughing. Brilliant! β™₯

    12.05.02 at 20.27

    • i’m glad it made you laugh – but its a serious tale

      12.05.02 at 20.35

      • I know Kyle… it’s just… the finale was a surprise. I didn’t see it coming. Everything is light and fluffy and the boom. Tragic comic.. maybe. Very well composed. I was expecting a different ending.

        12.05.02 at 20.51

  3. Holy shit. I just laughed out loud in a Starbucks. Goddamned AWESOME.

    12.05.01 at 18.49

    • thank you – i think they frown on laughing in starbucks

      12.05.01 at 20.34

  4. TheOthers1

    Lol. Some people just don’t understand the shapes that love can take apparently.

    12.05.01 at 18.49

    • its always been my problem lol

      12.05.01 at 20.33

  5. randalldeanscott

    Thanks for the laugh. Needed that this morning. πŸ™‚ Enjoy your day and be careful where you whip that thing out!

    12.05.01 at 16.02

    • you’re welcome
      you too
      that’s what they keep telling me

      12.05.01 at 17.10

  6. Your mind is a yummy pretzel.

    12.05.01 at 15.43

    • that’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me

      12.05.01 at 17.11

      • haha! I highly doubt that. Maybe the nicest thing in the last hour…

        12.05.01 at 17.17

  7. Nice twist. If that happened to me, I think I would just point and laugh. πŸ˜‰

    12.05.01 at 14.34

    • that’s what always happens to me

      12.05.01 at 14.35

  8. Whew….you’re one in a million!

    12.05.01 at 14.22

    • well thank you – so are you

      12.05.01 at 14.24

  9. too cool, i love the twist

    12.05.01 at 13.50

  10. I’m speechless!! πŸ˜‰

    Which isn’t very often…

    12.05.01 at 12.57

    • i think that’s a first actually lol

      12.05.01 at 12.58

  11. LOL!!!

    12.05.01 at 12.57

  12. I love you Kyle.

    12.05.01 at 12.56

    • how sweet you are dawn – thank you

      12.05.01 at 12.57

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