damn right

4 responses

  1. thanks for the reblog!

    12.05.03 at 00.28

    • it was brilliant – any time

      12.05.03 at 00.55

  2. Gillian Colbert

    Oooh! I remember once I took Nyquil before bed, this was the kind you made into a hot drink, not the liquid syrup and had the most vivid dreams of being bitten by vampires. I was thrashing and screaming until my guy woke me up. I’ve never taken that shit again.

    12.05.02 at 21.21

    • i took champix when i last tried to give up smoking and they warned us that one of the side affects was weird and vivid dreams – that was one of the best things about the drug for me – i wanted to start smoking again, just so i could get hold of more champix lol

      12.05.02 at 21.58

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