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  1. Cyber relationships aren’t easy but what does help if both people are in the same place at the same time. Meaning both feel exactly the same with each other. Not where one is besotted with the other but the other treats it as something really casual.

    One thing that really gets up my goat is when you get that feeling its just one sided or your being avoided and ignored.

    Internet relationships are great as long as you’re not leading someone on and are being totally honest with them. If you don’t feel the same tell them. If you’re not coming on line tell them don’t make them sit and wait for you all day and night.

    That’s when resentment, frustration and the fights begin.

    Oh and if you’re cheating… You will get caught…

    12.05.05 at 09.32

    • sound advice princess. thank you

      12.05.05 at 11.03

  2. I’ve tried the long distance thing a couple of times and I know it is hard. Australia is quite far and it made me wonder what makes long distance worth it to you. I shall ponder this further in a late night, wine inspired bubble bath.

    12.05.05 at 06.18

    • its not the distance, its the person that makes it worth it.
      enjoy that wine and those bubbles

      12.05.05 at 11.00

      • I understand that, I mean what about the person? For me it was our like minds and wit. 5-6 hours could pass with conversation and we had no idea the time passed so quickly.

        12.05.05 at 16.43

        • that’s exactly what it should be like – when you are in love, thousands of miles mean nothing

          12.05.05 at 16.49

  3. Wow. No words. 🙂 I miss you full time around here!

    12.05.05 at 01.54

    • i’ll be back soon bird – and i miss you too

      12.05.05 at 03.29

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