today i feel happy.
today i am sad.
today i feel lonley.
today i am glad.

today i feel silly.
today i am smart.
today i feel empty.
today i have heart.

today i feel brilliant.
today i am small.
today i feel like
i am fifteen foot tall.

tomorrow i think
i’ll take
the bloody
day off.

15 responses

  1. Sounds like my typical day. ❤

    12.05.07 at 01.40

    • i reckon its just the human condition

      12.05.07 at 01.47

  2. randalldeanscott

    Being silly and brilliant, as you know, IS hard work. I second your motion for a day off. Fun poem, Kyle.

    12.05.06 at 20.00

    • in silliness we find brilliance – in brilliance we find fish

      12.05.06 at 20.07

      • randalldeanscott

        and I DO like to fish. 🙂

        12.05.06 at 21.53

  3. This is brilliant Kyle. A sweet reminder of how many different emotions we may go through during a day. How we interpret the day as a whole depends on which of the emotions we gave most attention.

    12.05.06 at 15.59

    • its true – but sometimes we have to watch out for the emotions we start and end a day with

      12.05.06 at 20.05

  4. A day off? Noooo… We would miss you ;(

    12.05.06 at 08.41

    • aw thanks – here i am then

      12.05.06 at 11.18

  5. SweetP

    Brilliant!! Love this!

    12.05.06 at 03.39

  6. Then do just that my dear. Do just that….

    12.05.06 at 01.26

    • thank you, i think i will

      12.05.06 at 01.48

  7. eroticexploration

    Hehe, enjoy tomorrow 😉 Feeling you today though…

    12.05.05 at 20.05

    • well, thank you

      12.05.06 at 01.47

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