One condition

“Ok,” you say, out of the blue, “I’ll undress for you.”
“Really?!”  I grin, with embarrassing enthusiasm.
“On one condition though.”
“Sure. Anything. What?”
“That you get naked first and that you wear something for me.” I feel like pointing out that that is two conditions and that I can’t be naked if I’m wearing something but I don’t, I just nod and grin like a retarded puppy.

I take off my clothes, as slowly as I can, because I want her to do the same, and I’m already well on the way to being fully erect by the time I slip off my boxers. You smile at it and it bounces merrily in response. The you reach into a drawer and pull out a crimson silk scarf and hand it too me. I look puzzled, “How do I-” I start to ask.
“As a blindfold.” you giggle. I love you too much to be angry, but I know I’ve been duped and look more crestfallen than I actually am and call you a name. You giggle more and undo a button on your top and gesture, with a nod, for me to blindfold myself.

You check that the scarf is secure, give me a little kiss and whisper in my ear. “On your knees, my love.” I kneel down, trembling slightly from excitement, as I listen to your clothes fall softly, one by one, to the floor. I hear the unfastening of your black-trimmed, blue bra and the brush of satin against the flesh as you slip out of your panties. This makes me so incredibly hard that I become light-headed and nearly lose my balance.

I feel you approach me and stand, just inches from me. I can feel the heat of your beauty on my face and can almost taste you, as you put a hand on my head to stop me leaning forward and tell me to blow, and as I do, I can feel your whole body shudder with little ripples of delight. “Again,” you moan, “harder, longer.” I blow, drawing tiny gasps of pleasure from you with each breath. You slip a finger inside yourself and use it to moisten your throbbing rosebud and tell me to blow again. Your moans deepen and your gasps become cries and your whole body is shaking with a heated carnal rumbling when you stop and tell me to stand up.

You stand so close to me that our bodies touch, I can feel the caress of your rock hard nipples against my chest and my erection brushing against you soft, quivering flesh. You kiss me and I taste you as you push your self up against me, and feel me pulsate between our bellies. Then you step back again, and I wait, trembling and throbbing for what seems like an age before I feel your lips kiss my tip. You place your hands on my hips and hold me still as you kiss it again, this time opening you mouth a little more, tickling me with your tongue, taking me deeper into your mouth with each gentle rock on your head. I can hear the gentle lapping of you touching yourself, my imagination almost as overwhelmed as my body.

When you feel me close to erupting, you stop and slowly run the tip of your tongue up my length enjoying how I throb with desire for release and climax.  Then you stop, push be back so I fall onto the bed and straddle me. I feel your hand take me and guide me so I am almost inside you and then you pull down my blindfold stare into my eyes and say “Right, now fuck me!”


18 responses

  1. Anonymous

    that gives me ideas … M xo

    12.05.08 at 22.03

    • i’m glad to hear it – care to share them?

      12.05.08 at 22.32

  2. I want that bra.

    12.05.07 at 22.10

    • i’m sure it would look delightful on you

      12.05.07 at 22.18

  3. Beautifully written… Very classy with elegance and grace… Totally love it 😉

    12.05.07 at 21.53

  4. eroticexploration

    Jeepers Kyle, you are a master story-teller! Hot hot hot and soooooo evocative; you let my imagination join you for an amazing ride… mmmmmm…. thank you.

    12.05.07 at 20.24

  5. meant SAY not sat. Was that a freudian slip or what?!

    12.05.07 at 20.18

  6. Now I sat – THAT is a preface to the book you’re writing !! I would buy it. I would stand in line for your autograph…

    12.05.07 at 20.16

    • now i sat! thank you – you would get a free copy for saying that 🙂

      12.05.07 at 20.25

  7. Yer!

    12.05.07 at 19.30

  8. TheOthers1

    Lol. Now, right now. That’s how I’d say it.

    12.05.07 at 19.04

    • lol – i hoping she doesn’t need to point out that it needs to be now

      12.05.07 at 19.12

  9. Another one into my top ten, Kyle 😉

    12.05.07 at 18.54

    • thank you la la – flattery will get you everywhere 😉

      12.05.07 at 19.01

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