My ribs still ache from the punch I got for this

Karl: How do I get her back mate?
Me: I don’t know.
Karl: Yeah you do.
Me: Why did she dump you?
Karl: I was too sympathetic.
Me: What?!
Karl: Yeah, I was just trying to stop her crying.
Me: Okay, how?
Karl: She was crying and I said “Stop crying bitch, I can’t hear the telly.”
Me: Right. Maybe it was the way you phrased it?. Why was she crying?
Karl: Because I tried to understand her love of animals.
Me: Go on.
Karl: I just said “You like the fucking cat so much, you scrape it off the road.”
Me: You’re all heart mate.
Karl: I know! So go on, how do I get her back?
Me: Try being really nice to everyone you meet.
Karl: How will that help?
Me: It won’t, but maybe in the next life, you won’t come back as you.

22 responses

  1. I wonder why she left him… Hmm. He must be sucky in bed. 😛

    12.05.11 at 00.29

    • 😀 somehow, i don’t think that was it hahaha

      12.05.11 at 23.57

  2. gypsy116


    12.05.10 at 20.36

  3. I think you are being overly kind to Karl 🙂

    12.05.10 at 15.25

    • but he’s so sweet when you get to know him

      12.05.10 at 15.36

      • Yeah, if I ever get that far 😉 I’m sure Karl has his soft corners.

        12.05.10 at 15.41

        • i think i shall blog about him further – i have no fear of he finding out – its not that he can’t read, just that he hates to 🙂

          12.05.10 at 16.23

  4. ROFLMAO!!!

    12.05.10 at 14.09

  5. Oh, Karl.

    12.05.10 at 13.52

    • when will he ever learn?

      12.05.10 at 13.52

      • He won’t, which is good for us haha,

        12.05.10 at 13.54

        • he is a constant source of entertainment – although he would kill me if he knew that – or ask for a percentage 🙂

          12.05.10 at 14.03

  6. Some women just don’t appreciate you Kyle… That’s the problem 😉

    12.05.10 at 12.18

  7. LOL! That’s about as sympathetic as me telling mr married man to hit hit cat over the head with a spade already!

    12.05.10 at 12.16

  8. Hilarious! I just don’t understand why she left :-0

    12.05.10 at 12.13

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