gonna spend some time
on my playstation,
maybe watch an episode
of clafornication
or indulge in a little
bit of masturbation.

33 responses

  1. TemptingSweets99

    So what did you indulge in one of your choices or all?

    12.05.16 at 21.32

    • i didn’t get to watch an episode of californication

      12.05.16 at 21.33

      • TemptingSweets99

        two out of three ain’t bad.

        12.05.16 at 21.34

        • hahaha – and i like to think i picked the most fun two πŸ™‚

          12.05.16 at 21.35

          • TemptingSweets99

            i’m impressed with your wisdom. πŸ˜€

            12.05.16 at 21.37

  2. milfee

    Sounds much like my night, quiet, uneventful, and then ending with an amazing solo session. feel free to stop by my blog:)

    12.05.15 at 06.18

    • thanks i sure will

      12.05.15 at 08.52

  3. PAZ

    May is masturbation month. Happy masturbatin’.

    12.05.15 at 03.43

    • thank you – happy masturbation certainly beats sad masturbation

      12.05.15 at 08.51

      • PAZ

        Right, sad masturbation has that after moment of tearfulness which ruins it.

        12.05.15 at 18.31

  4. *snorts* a little bit of masturbation.

    12.05.15 at 02.38

  5. Masturbation, mast, mast, mast, masturbatioooonnn. It is the thing you do when you wanna have a fuck, but there’s no one there to fuuuck with! Yeah!

    12.05.14 at 21.59

    • something like that lol

      12.05.14 at 22.01

  6. That’s a good day.

    12.05.14 at 21.47

  7. Do guys really say “Loping the Mule.” Just say they don’t!

    Little tug,

    12.05.14 at 21.26

    • i’ve never heard or said that – but i will now

      12.05.14 at 21.58

  8. With that self proclaimed small bent ugly skinny little thing? Come on…fess up Kyle. You are borrowing one right? πŸ˜‰

    12.05.14 at 21.14

    • maybe i exaggerated

      12.05.14 at 21.51

  9. TheOthers1

    It is May, which I’ve been told is masturbation month. I’m not sure about the first two options, but the last sounds extremely appealing.

    12.05.14 at 20.53

    • isn’t every month masturbation month? damn!, ive been getting it wrong 11 months a year

      12.05.14 at 21.50

  10. … hmmm so what does the voice controlled tv do when come loud enough for it to hear?

    12.05.14 at 20.45

    • change channel usually lol to bbc 2

      12.05.14 at 21.45

      • lol – so, is the tv trying to communicate with you ..? whats bbc 2? Your tv is obviously trying to communicate with you! Unless you yell out “BBC2” ok now I’m imagining what you would be yelling out in a full throttle orgasm… I need to get a hobby. : )

        12.05.14 at 21.51

  11. All Three Options DO Count As “Happy Time” or “Productive Uses Of Time” So I Say GO FOR IT, Dude!!!
    Couldn’t Hurt, Right?!?!
    RIGHT!!! =)

    12.05.14 at 20.34

    • i intend to do all three at the same time tho lol

      12.05.14 at 20.35

      • WOW!
        Now THAT Is Multitasking, Dude, Fo SHO!!!

        12.05.14 at 20.38

        • voice controlled tv remote is the answer my friend

          12.05.14 at 20.39

          • NICE!!!
            Technology To The Rescue!!!
            Enjoy Floggin’ The Bishop, Sir.
            Or Loping The Mule…
            …Whichever Term You Prefer.
            Any Clue Which Game You’ll Be Playing, btw???
            Hopefully Something Arousing πŸ˜‰

            12.05.14 at 20.50

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