As free as a little bird

Crying is like pooing, if you don’t do it regularly, it really hurts.

I learned this from Ricky Gervais of all people on when he was on Desert Island Discs. One of the songs he chose, he chose because it made him cry. I didn’t get it at all, I was baffled. Why would he want to make himself cry, especially when he was stuck on a desert island? Then I realised, he is comfortable with all his emotions, not just the happy ones and I became sad because I realised that I was not like that but wished that I could be.

I’m not sure quite how it happened, gradually, I guess, by not changing the station when a sad song came on or switching channels when a movie made me want to cry, and slowly I started to feel comfortable with more of me, feel fuller as a person.

Lee hall puts it much better in his fantastic and heartbreaking radio play about faith, love and death Spoonface Steinberg. I made a little clip of the first two minutes. It says what I feel better than I ever could.

the saddest things fill you up. like, in a big way and you feel so full as in no happiness can bring such.

15 responses

  1. I don’t lack the actual emotion(s)….I’d have to say I feel ’em fully. It’s just sometimes I lack the skills as to how to say or show what I’d like to convey with said emotions. Kinda like pooing…it’s there…you know it’s gotta come out sometime…but some of us can’t just poo cuz we want to : ( Hope that makes sense.

    12.05.15 at 22.25

  2. gypsy116

    I love this. I have a harder time feeling happy emotions, I wish that came easier for me, but I agree. There is beauty in sadness.

    12.05.15 at 21.49

    • that’s sad and thank you

      12.05.15 at 22.24

      • gypsy116

        Its getting easier though. Welcome.

        12.05.15 at 22.37

  3. eroticexploration

    So, so true. I was lucky enough to grow up with wonderful parents who taught me to feel comfortable with sadness, that it was just part of life and we should feel it intensely then let it go… but there are other emotions I am still coming to terms with or just getting to know, like fear.

    12.05.15 at 21.45

    • ohh god, yeah, fear is another kettle of fish altogether – still working on that one too

      12.05.15 at 22.23

  4. Crying is like pooing, if you don’t do it regularly, it really hurts..ur so right~!

    12.05.15 at 18.37

    • crude but true
      thank you

      12.05.15 at 18.52

  5. AWWW KYLE…………….:)

    12.05.15 at 14.20

  6. TheOthers1

    I’m still learning that emotions are okay. Bottling up only makes a mountain of pain explode out later. It’s hard to cry though because I feel so vulnerable. It’s not comfortable.

    12.05.15 at 12.50

    • its not, is it? but its worthwhile

      12.05.15 at 17.30

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