Chips and dicks

so, i’m down this back alley
pukin’ up me chips,
when this geezer comes along
and feels up me tits.

“‘ow about a quickie luv?”
‘e asks me all polite.
“meh, whatever,” i says to ‘im,
“do what yer fuckin’ like.”

so, i’m down this back alley,
suckin’ on ‘is dick,
when the old bill come along
and drag us down the nick.

so, i’m down the station,
with a copper up me arse,
‘e makes me keep the cuffs on,
’cause ‘e knows that i’ve got class.

13 responses

  1. spoken word. i’d like to see you do this on a stage. really nice piece.

    12.05.16 at 10.50

    • aw thanks jenni – i’ve been thinking of doing some stand-up – performance poetry is a bit 1980s but i reckon i could sneak some in

      12.05.16 at 12.13

  2. eroticexploration

    hehe, brilliant 🙂

    12.05.15 at 21.46

  3. u are the great avant-garde poet, tone and poetic all are beautiful..^_^

    12.05.15 at 18.49

    • wow u r so nice
      i thank you twice

      12.05.15 at 18.52

  4. lmao….fabulously raunchy

    12.05.15 at 15.16

  5. “with a copper up me arse”*smirks* Kyle this is excellent!

    12.05.15 at 14.00

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