I want to write you poetry
and naughty love stories.
I want to taste you and smell you
and hold your hand.
I want to hug you
and wash your hair.
I want to undress you
and write filthy words all over you naked body.
I want to wrestle with you
and make you laugh.
I want to have pillow fights with you
and make you breakfast.
I want to take you round art galleries
and eat fish and chips with you.
I want to fuck you in crazy places
and hide love notes for you to find later.
I want to rob banks with you
and run naked along a beach with you as the sun rises.
I want to fuck you in the rain, cold drops chilling our body, steam rising from our lust,
I want to kiss you.

25 responses

  1. Hot! Beautiful! ♥!

    12.05.19 at 01.47

  2. TemptingSweets99

    love this. lovely.

    12.05.16 at 21.14

    • i was inspired so it was easy – but thank you

      12.05.16 at 21.20

  3. Ah Kyle, just delightful – and as always you have all us ladies swooning… *sigh*

    12.05.16 at 20.14

    • aw thank you – what a great word, swooning, i will have to include it somewhere soon

      12.05.16 at 21.19

      • TemptingSweets99

        p.s. but don’t rob banks together. doesn’t turn out too well afterwards. 😉

        12.05.16 at 21.22

        • oh, but its sooo exciting

          12.05.16 at 21.28

          • TemptingSweets99

            LOL! I bet. 😀

            12.05.16 at 21.30

  4. love it

    12.05.16 at 18.52

    • thank you chrissy

      12.05.16 at 19.38

  5. Kyle. I wanted you to know how much I love you.

    I know you don’t do awards, but unless I write something just filthy, how else can I show you how much i truly love you? Too bad I’m married because I’d chase you like no body’s business…And I can occasionally be incredibly awesome… 🙂 I love you, Kyle.. Seriously!!!

    12.05.16 at 18.51

    • bird! you have made me blush, which is a rare event.
      your husband is a lucky man indeed!!!

      12.05.16 at 19.40

      • lol..I’ll tell him you said so…

        12.05.16 at 20.19

  6. So lovely Kyle

    12.05.16 at 18.28

    • thank you very much ‘bella

      12.05.16 at 18.44

  7. TheOthers1

    *sigh* that’s lovely.

    12.05.16 at 17.32

    • aww – thanks you

      12.05.16 at 17.36

  8. Wanna be my boyfriend??

    12.05.16 at 17.12

    • that’s very sweet of you hyacinth – sorry but i am already spoken for x

      12.05.16 at 17.18

      • I know – she’s lucky.

        12.05.16 at 17.30

        • its me that is the lucky one

          12.05.16 at 17.32

  9. Gillian Colbert

    this made me tingle .. loved it.

    12.05.16 at 16.17

    • thank you gillian 🙂

      12.05.16 at 16.19

  10. this. is. ❤

    12.05.16 at 16.12

    • glad you think so – it was written with that in mind

      12.05.16 at 16.14

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