“When you find a man

Who transforms

Every part of you


Into Poetry,

Who makes each one of your hairs

Into a poem,

When you find a man,



As I am

Of bathing and adorning you

With poetry,

I will beg you


To follow him without hesitation,

It is not important

That you belong to me or him

But that you belong to poetry.”


—Translated by Bassam K. Frangieh and Clementina R. Brown

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7 responses

  1. Kyle, that poem has such a poignant sentiment of how to be loved – thank you for sharing that. You have a wonderful ear for the music of the heart.

    12.05.17 at 20.40

    • thanks jayne, its beautiful isn’t it – i wish i could write like that

      12.05.17 at 20.42

      • you do

        12.05.17 at 23.51

        • you are too sweet – when are we getting married then?

          12.05.17 at 23.52

          • AFTER your run with the love of your life : )

            12.05.17 at 23.53

            • i don’t know if i’ve met her yet 🙂

              12.05.17 at 23.59

              • I was going to be raunchy but I’m behaving –
                I’ve reigned in my “raunch” today because it escaped yesterday : ) So today, I’ll just say,
                She’s the one you’re loving today.

                12.05.18 at 00.17

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