Once in a while

16 responses

  1. I so get this. It’s like my heart is beating fast and slow all at the same time….

    12.05.19 at 20.52

    • i get what you’re saying x

      12.05.19 at 20.54

  2. So true.

    12.05.19 at 20.03

  3. Reblogged this on Ink. and commented:
    Do you know this feeling?

    12.05.19 at 18.39

    • thank you anette – my heart (and other parts of me) swell with pride
      i mean my head of course

      12.05.19 at 18.47

  4. Spot on…

    12.05.19 at 06.07

  5. This is so familiar… the feeling. I could never’ve described that feeling so beautifully. Did you write it Kyle?

    12.05.18 at 23.29

    • wish i could say i did

      12.05.19 at 12.18

      • I had to reblog it Kyle.

        12.05.19 at 18.41

        • i’m delighted that ya did anette

          12.05.19 at 18.47

          • so am I, ’cause now I got clever words, right there on my blog. How’s your book coming along… the boring computer thing you were working on?

            12.05.19 at 18.57

  6. milfee

    Thats how me and Mr.Mine are 🙂

    12.05.18 at 03.00

    • glad to hear it

      12.05.18 at 09.51

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