Neither of them speak much of each other’s language, but they get by with a few shared words and a bit of arm waving, and they have fun as she shows him round the property.

She is particularly proud of the bathroom and its large built in jacuzzi, and gestures towards it smiling. “You like?” she asks. When he walks over to it and switches on the faucet, she realises with a blush, and widening eyes, that he has misunderstood. For a second she hesitates, ponders on the professionality of taking a bath with a client but only for a second, then she turns and leaves the room to go fetch a bikini and some trunks and some towels.

When she returns, the tub is full and writhing and he is naked and climbing in. She drops the towels in surprise. Her toes curl and her mouth drops open, as she watches him slowly lower himself into the bubbles, her eyes glued to his sculpted arms, back and butt, as the water splashes over him, making his skin glisten and sparkle.

He watches her, grinning naughtily, as she gracefully undresses, staring right back at him, her smile matching his. As she slides into the tempestuous liquid, he takes her by the arms and turns her to face the curved side of the bath. She kneels holding the rim with both hands, a soft jet of water gently caressing her now glowing pussy.

He kneels behind her and kisses her neck and shoulders. His hands slip, over and down her back and ass and then round her waist, sliding and exploring her, as he presses himself into her back and she feels the strength of his throbbing cock against her. He moves his hands up over her breasts and pushes her closer to the gushing jet, kissing and nibbling her neck. The sensation of the water, pulsing into her clit, makes her convulse and let out a little scream. He pushes her nearer still, rubbing himself against her. The stream of hot tingling water, pounding into her, sets her whole pussy alight, every little bit of it fizzing with a rising fire.

When he pushes her flat against the side, she screams through gritted teeth with delight, the hot jets of pulsing bubbles, pounding into her, effervescent pussy, almost too much to bare. She feels his cock push up between her thighs, and she opens them and, as he enters her, her pussy quivers with carnal heaven, sending shock-waves down his shaft and deep into his soul. The hot jet bombards them both as he fucks her deeply and powerfully. Her orgasm, shakes her to the core and leaves her gasping for breath. Even long minutes after, when they sit in each other’s armed, covered in thick, white, fluffy towels, she is still shaking.

16 responses

  1. steal #2 (picked thru the puddles left on the floor and soaked up the ones I needed in my towel) 😉

    12.05.25 at 17.20

    • wow 🙂

      12.05.25 at 17.54

      • afraid I may need more towels! SOL

        12.05.25 at 18.03

        • WOL

          12.05.25 at 18.04

          • Awww, a new one. I’ll have to think about the W…I have an idea tho! 🙂

            12.05.25 at 18.07

            • hahaha – i bet you do – i’ll tell you if you ask nice and i don’t blush too much

              12.05.25 at 18.10

  2. mmmmmmmmmmmm!

    12.05.22 at 01.19

  3. Mmm Mmm…good!

    12.05.18 at 21.54

    • mmmmeee likey all the mmmms i’mmmmm getting – mmmmm

      12.05.18 at 21.55

      • Haha…. You’re causing a sea of m’s from your readers ..quite the mooooan factor you have going on here.

        12.05.18 at 22.04

  4. eroticexploration

    Mmmmm very nice Kyle 🙂

    12.05.18 at 20.22

  5. 😉

    12.05.18 at 18.56

  6. TheOthers1

    Oh gosh. Mmhm.

    12.05.18 at 18.08

    • yes mmhm indeed – thanks 😉

      12.05.18 at 18.09

  7. I think I know this jet…

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