Stop staring at my face, my boobs are down there

When I’m talking with a woman, I make a point of not staring at her boobs, its not polite or respectful, “apparently”.  The other night though, I was on a date with a girl who talked about her breasts incessantly. I figured it would be rude not to look.

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  1. Oh boy, that reminds me of a girl I met many years ago…she didn’t talk about her boobs all the time, it was worse than that: she was ALWAYS, CONSTANTLY AND OBSESSINGLY checking them out!!! All the time!!! And yeah, she did have nice boobs, even I as a girl would have liked them, but she was SO annoying with that habit of hers that it was really frustrating…even my male friends made fun of her for that, and told me it was indeed a big turn off 😛

    Kyle, I see you liked my post “Trying to understand England”…as you are a brit, please feel free to add anything you’d like there…do you agree with what that lady told me?

    12.05.24 at 23.38

    • i will never get bored with a woman talking about her tits – and yeah, i think she was spot on old chap

      12.05.24 at 23.40

  2. I’m going to try that on my next date. Except maybe I’ll talk about my vagina. “So like, my vagina, is like, inverted, so like, if you ever get to, like have the experience, it’ll knock your socks off.”

    12.05.23 at 18.18

  3. LMAO

    12.05.21 at 12.48

    • 🙂
      should i call you dating or ms bitch?

      12.05.23 at 18.09

      • Bitch is fine. 🙂

        12.05.23 at 18.13

        • i can’t do that – i hate that word – i’ll call you D 🙂

          12.05.23 at 18.14

          • D???? NOOOO
            Thats the name of one of my hater’s name. Thanks for the kind words and respect, just cll me Prissy, if you must 🙂

            12.05.23 at 18.19

            • prissy it is then x

              12.05.23 at 18.21

  4. She’d probably kicked your nuts if you hadn’t.

    12.05.20 at 18.00

  5. Spitting my coffee out here! She talked about her tatas?

    12.05.20 at 13.45

    • the whole evening – to be fair, they were worthy of discussion

      12.05.20 at 13.46

      • How lovely…were they singing All Eyes On Me…by 2pac?

        12.05.20 at 13.53

        • i’m sure they could have

          12.05.20 at 13.59

          • Hahaha…I did a post for youuuu!

            12.05.20 at 14.01

            • haha – i saw, thank you
              *big grin*

              12.05.20 at 14.04

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