I watched Didier Drogba win the Champoins League final last night. The man is amazing, a real charm for Chelsea. To really appreciate him, you have to be at a match, the TV doesn’t show you what a master he is off the ball, the way he draws players away, his positioning, his relationship with the fans. I saw him a couple of years ago run rings round QPR.

Funny thing though, about football; as much as I admire Drogba, I hope he’s bloody injured the next time Chelsea play my team.

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  1. well, you got yr wish at least now, he’s offski to Japan, as an Chelsea supporter this sucks big donkey balls but there ya go… will go and hug my little Drogba doll now and cry… 😀

    12.05.22 at 21.53

    • i hadn’t heard that – thanks for the news – hope those donkey balls taste sweet
      hugs hon

      12.05.22 at 22.21

      • taste like chicken 😀

        12.05.22 at 22.38

        • hahaha – everything tastes like chicken – except maybe kfc

          12.05.22 at 22.39

  2. Hahahaha. Omg. Can’t stop laughing.

    12.05.21 at 23.36

    • dayum! i knew you’d be along here soon enough lol – yay, the british team, is the best i can say. you must be over the bloody moon – congrats and hugs and gritted teeth xxx

      12.05.21 at 23.38

      • Hahaha. Didier did make us proud. I just hope Chelsea’s smart enough to make him an offer he can’t refuse. It would suck if he leaves us next season. Gah!

        And yess. I am. I have a football post coming up. 😀

        Yes. Hugs and kisses. Beer on me. 🙂

        12.05.21 at 23.40

        • we have a date then

          12.05.21 at 23.41

  3. TemptingSweets99

    I like Didier. I guess I’ll have to pray for him if he ever plays against your team. I don’t want him injured. 😛

    12.05.21 at 21.32

  4. In England I am fan of Liverpool, but I also support Manchester United, Bolton and Aston Villa because of the Bulgarians who play there. I beliebe few years ago Portsmouth also had a Bulgarian player.

    12.05.21 at 11.06

    • yeah todorov – how can you support so many teams? lol

      12.05.21 at 11.41

      • Well, probably because I am not such a devoted football fan, as I used to be when I was younger. But my team is Liverpool in England, just when I hear on the news that for example Villa has won a macth, I say to myself “Great! Stan is playing there!”. 😀

        12.05.21 at 14.10

  5. Which one’s your team? 🙂

    12.05.21 at 07.50

    • portsmouth – so not much chance of us meeting lol.

      12.05.21 at 10.15

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