this isn’t a poem,
it doesn’t rhyme,
well it kinda does.
but just some of the time.

you thought that bit rhymed
but this bit doesn’t,
it could if i wished
but, really, i just can’t be bothered.

I am delighted to now be a nifty noet. Find more nifty noems here.

6 responses

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  2. Well, that’s a great noem! 🙂

    12.05.20 at 20.00

    • my god
      i’m a noet
      but i
      did not know it

      12.05.20 at 20.02

      • Thanks God the muse stopped by,
        so you can give it a try,
        other way we would never know,
        what talent in you might grow.

        12.05.20 at 20.16

        • how sweet of you to say
          please come back any day

          12.05.20 at 20.20

  3. Yeeee-haw! Congrats on your first noem Kyle and welcome to The Nifty Noets Society 🙂

    12.05.20 at 19.36

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