the distance is fun
and exotic

at first

until you fall in love

then it becomes sad
and painful
and lonely


you finally meet

and your dreams come true
or not

the case

may be

22 responses

  1. distance is just a word in the dictionary located between dissuade and distemper.

    dissuade: advise against
    distance: the space between two things
    distemper: a disease

    hmmm, not sure where I was going with this. meant to be positive, but think I failed miserably. Try to find something positive in this will ya Kyle? 😉

    12.06.04 at 03.48

    • lol i think that may be a challenge too far even for me – bless you for trying though

      12.06.04 at 09.20

  2. how can you even contemplate giving this up? you can’t. and btw…keep falling in love…the alternative is worse!

    12.05.26 at 21.06

    • i think you are right – i’ll just keep being me eh?

      12.05.26 at 21.17

      • no one else will do!

        12.05.26 at 21.18

        • i like that 🙂

          12.05.26 at 21.19

          • ’tis true…you are ‘one and only’ kyle!

            12.05.26 at 21.29

  3. Reblogged this on "You Jivin' Me, Turkey?" and commented:
    It Just Felt Right To Reblog This One.
    Distance Is Such A Huge Part Of My Life.
    It May Be Sad, But It’s Very VERY Honestly True.

    12.05.26 at 00.37

    • thanks friend

      12.05.26 at 00.48

      • No Prob, Kyle-Bob.
        Such A Simple Post That Resonated With Me In A Major Way.
        …And I Think I’m Developing A “Long Distance Crush” On You And Your “Who Gives A Fuck”/”Matter Of Fact-ly” Attitude.
        Just Keep Posting, Sir.
        I Love It To Pieces!

        12.05.26 at 01.01

        • i was gonna give up the whole blog thing brad and was gonna delete the site – when i saw this comment and decided i would carry on
          thank you my friend

          12.05.26 at 01.04

  4. Distance Is My Life.
    One Day, I’ll Have To Address It.
    Until Then…
    …Distance It Shall Be. :-\

    12.05.25 at 22.43

    • one day we all will

      12.05.25 at 22.45

  5. tell me about it, had 2 long distance ones and they were great since whenever you do meet up it was straight to the bedroom for at least 5 minutes of great sex (LOL)… but it sure sucks though since I did love those 2 girls and it just doesn’t work… *sigh*

    12.05.25 at 21.58

    • you are like me my friend, we fall in love too easily

      12.05.25 at 22.00

  6. I’m usually “or not” as well. C’est la vie Mon Beau.


    12.05.25 at 15.43

  7. Yeah, ‘true or not as the case may be’ is sooo true…

    12.05.25 at 13.23

    • yeah, you gotta love life’s unpredictability, don’t you?

      12.05.25 at 13.29

  8. yep, true. 😦
    or not. 🙂

    12.05.25 at 09.44

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