I’ll love you like
Or curry or
I’ll kiss you like
Or sugar or
I’ll fuck you like
Roast beef
And come on
Your tits.

27 responses

  1. Know I’m hungry!

    12.05.26 at 20.42

    • me too

      12.05.26 at 21.16

      • chips anyone?

        12.05.26 at 21.17

        • yes please

          12.05.26 at 21.20

          • sauce? (don’t know if you all use sauce so may not be a relevant response…but here? sauce please!) 🙂

            12.05.26 at 21.22

            • we have different sauces i think – holland they like mayo and peanut butter on their fries – i like mayo on mine too

              12.05.26 at 21.24

              • PB? omg….yuck yuck yuck.
                Now, mayo…add some ketchup and it works.
                My fav. is ranch dressing, but only home made. best tho is malt vinegar. and nice and salty! 🙂

                12.05.26 at 21.25

  2. very good image of the verses of “roast beef”

    12.05.23 at 23.06

  3. I love your blog! 🙂

    12.05.23 at 16.07

    • i love yours too prissy

      12.05.23 at 23.08

      • I thought you were taking a break from blogging and focusing on your book? Not that I’m complaining 🙂

        12.05.23 at 23.10

        • i took a day off today – i needed to just express myself – and, yes, that’s a euphemism 😉

          12.05.23 at 23.11

          • Well I will buy your if you buy mine 🙂

            12.05.23 at 23.14

            • LOL book darlin, I think, confused lol

              12.05.23 at 23.17

            • send me a link 😀

              12.05.23 at 23.19

              • I click on your profile searching for an email address. Email me at and I will discuss it.
                FYI…..I clicked on your “About” page and laughed so hard I pissed my pants LOL.

                12.05.23 at 23.22

                • i’m here to make people laugh – thanks for sharing that 😉

                  12.05.23 at 23.28

  4. TheOthers1

    When you say it like that, how could I say no?

    12.05.23 at 15.52

    • you want fries with that?

      12.05.23 at 16.01

  5. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    LOLs….I don’t think I will ever look at roast beef the same again…
    a much needed smile Kyle..
    Thank you…
    Take Care…

    12.05.23 at 15.50

  6. Kyle, I never want to be fucked like roast beef. Never!


    12.05.23 at 15.48

    • then pick your food…

      12.05.23 at 16.00

  7. 😀
    I’m glad I found your blog, always find something to smile about when I’m tired of working.

    12.05.23 at 15.33

    • why, thank you – it makes my day, to know i have made you smile

      12.05.23 at 15.36

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