Friend request

Me: sent at 23:47
i love you and adore you – you are all i think about from the moment i wake until the moment i sleep – i am besotted with you – i just need to know that you feel the same way – i don’t think i can live without you – i just need you so badly, it hurts

You: sent at 23:48
Dude!!! I like only accepted UR friend request 2 minutes ago and I only did that coz my pal Cathy said U had a huge dick.

You: sent at 23:55
Do U?

You: sent at 23:55
Have a big dick??

6 responses

  1. randalldeanscott

    Enjoyed this. I’ve been playing around with old IM messages and turning them into poems. Much fun to be had. 🙂

    12.06.07 at 22.47

    • thanks and yes, few more of these up my sleeve i think

      12.06.08 at 05.00

  2. themadgayman

    He’s right. My boyfriend has a huge dick and can be a huge dick. But I can be a gigantic ass while also having one. 😉

    12.05.24 at 18.32

    • that’s so brilliant

      12.05.24 at 20.07

  3. ‘oh my mistake, she said you are a huge dick, not that you have one’ 😉

    12.05.23 at 18.51

    • sometimes its possible for both those statements to be true 😉

      12.05.23 at 18.52

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