So, I’m having this hot sext with some girl from Canada or Australia or one of those countries and we’re both getting pretty close to coming when there’s a bleep and another chat box pops up. Its a friend of mine and she’s saying how her cat just died. Now, she can see that I’ve seen her message so I can’t really leave it until I’ve finished getting off and “Hang on, I’m wanking.” doesn’t feel like an appropriate response, so I try to console her and keep both the conversations going at once. It’s very confusing emotionally, like having someone cry on you shoulder whilst someone else sucks your dick. Anyway, I pretty much pull it off, until I type into the wrong boxes – the conversations ended like this:

Girl  10 hours ago
ooh god i’m about to come!!!
Me  10 hours ago
i’m so sorry to hear that, at least it was quick
Girl  10 hours ago

and this

Friend 10 hours ago
She was hit by a truck.
Me 10 hours ago
oh fuck yes!!!
Friend 10 hours ago

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15 responses

  1. eroticexploration

    Haha, veeeeeery funny!!

    12.06.09 at 16.26

  2. I often type in wrong boxes, wonder when I’ll get in situation like that. 😀

    12.05.26 at 19.55

    • the secret is, to give all your boyfriends the same nickname and then you may get away with it 😀

      12.05.26 at 19.57

      • 😀 Well, that’s an idea! 😀

        12.05.26 at 20.02

  3. Lol. I think I did something to that extent a few years back. No dead cats tho.

    12.05.26 at 18.43

    • lol – i’ve done worse – its one of the dangers of modern life i guess – thanks for commenting

      12.05.26 at 18.47

  4. Hahaha…

    I always know what you are up to when you don’t reply straight away ;p

    12.05.26 at 15.13

  5. Haha…makes it so much harder to get off that way. But those of us that take our masturbating seriously…well if they’re indeed a good friend …they have to know …a few sympathetic words is a huge effort. That is until we’ve come….and maybe more than once…just sayin 🙂

    12.05.26 at 14.06

    • in the end they found out – i had to explain lol

      12.05.26 at 14.32

  6. snarkysnatch

    “Hang on, I’m wanking.” doesn’t feel like an appropriate response.

    Hmm…. I see. Maybe that is why my father got so weird with me the other day when he called.

    12.05.26 at 13.49

    • yeah my gran is the same

      12.05.26 at 14.27

  7. Hyacinth

    Lol when I webcammed years ago I’d juggle several convos at once, so I know exactly what you’re talking about. I was lucky, though. Never came to a dead cat story! 😉

    12.05.26 at 13.15

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