i rediscovered
my guitar tonight
i realised
what its for

its not that i’m any
good at it
but i play
til my fingers are raw

its ’cause
it lets me express myself
and sing and
dance and roar

16 responses

  1. “…and roar.” Yeah! I like roaring.

    12.05.27 at 04.40

  2. TemptingSweets99

    Keep express yourself, singing, dancing, AND roaring! 🙂

    12.05.27 at 01.09

    • i will never stop – you too i hope, and pray

      12.05.27 at 01.10

  3. It’s always great to find how to express yourself.
    You got tagged 🙂

    12.05.27 at 00.37

    • thank you sweetheart – i am flattered beyond imagination but i don’t do the tagging or award thing – really appreciate it tho thank you rois

      12.05.27 at 00.40

      • Oh, you don’t have to reply, but I had to let you know I love reading your blog. 🙂

        12.05.27 at 00.42

        • aw thanks, that sweet of you

          12.05.27 at 10.31

  4. I’m imagining you dancing naked around the room playing your guitar. Awesome image… 🙂

    12.05.26 at 23.38

    • gypsy116

      Now thats what Im picturing too Bird 🙂

      12.05.27 at 00.28

      • both of you stop it or i’ll have to do it like that

        12.05.27 at 00.29

        • gypsy116


          12.05.27 at 00.33

      • Great Minds Think Alike!!

        12.05.27 at 00.30

        • You ladies are bad influences….sheesh…Kyle naked strokin his guitar!

          12.05.27 at 02.27

          • gypsy116

            Lol, yeah, like youre not thinking about it now 🙂

            12.05.27 at 02.41

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