The sun has got his hat on?

The sun has got his hat on.
Now that’s a fucking stupid idea,
What would the sun need a hat for?
To avoid sunstroke?
Or in case it rained?

Who let the cat out of the bag?
Well who bloody put it there?
You shouldn’t put cats in bags
In the first place,
That’s just not nice.

nifty noets society

27 responses

  1. I read somewhere that “the cat in the bag” is a super old expression that implies that one brought home a cat instead of a rabbit for the Sunday dinner. Just thought you should know Kyle.

    12.05.27 at 13.49

    • i didn’t know that dawn – thanks, i’d always wondered

      12.05.27 at 13.50

      • well, there ya go. Just ask me Kyle, I’m a regular cesspool of information you will probably never need. Ever.

        12.05.27 at 13.52

      • Actually it comes from an old farmer scam – you buy a piglet and they give you a cat in a bag instead. The other expression for the same thing is ‘don’t buy a pig in a poke’ – poke is a sack.

        12.05.27 at 15.39

        • ah, ok, how interesting – thanks

          12.05.27 at 15.56

  2. I enjoyed the sunday morning short tirade, even contained as it was, as a cat in a bag. Keep bringing it.

    12.05.27 at 13.47

    • thanks jk – i will try

      12.05.27 at 13.49

  3. Oh, we have a sun with a hat already few weeks here, really annoying, so I really want the answer of that question. 🙂 And definatelly not nice to put a cat in a bag. 🙂
    Enjoyed your post, as usual. 🙂

    12.05.27 at 13.24

    • thank you rois – i loved your summer challenge 🙂

      12.05.27 at 13.26

  4. Great nontribution and big Sunday questions… I think the sun is a fucker, trying to keep it all to himself. On the other hand cat-baggers are fuckers too, and that probably what the two verses have in common.

    12.05.27 at 12.41

    • thanks – i agree with your opinions on the sun and cat-baggers. thanks for tying my noem together 🙂

      12.05.27 at 12.54

      • Ha ha, well you served it all on a plate Kyle 🙂 it was my pleasure eating it.

        12.05.27 at 13.03

        • fancy another serving?

          12.05.27 at 13.14

          • Yeah, honestly I’m a little hungry this morning 🙂

            12.05.27 at 13.18

            • sweet or savoury? hot or cold?

              12.05.27 at 13.19

              • It’s a free world Kyle… or at least for some of us. I’m known for eating almost anything, except snails 🙂

                12.05.27 at 13.21

                • ok , no snails – shame, snails are delicious 🙂

                  12.05.27 at 13.27

                  • Are they? Well, I’ve always thought it would be like eating an eraser. I think I played to much with snails when I was a child. I liked to do snail races… well, yeah that word probably is an exaggeration.

                    12.05.27 at 13.30

                    • snailttrail….anyone

                      12.05.27 at 14.22

                    • eeewwww – er, yes please

                      12.05.27 at 14.38

                    • Hahahahaha…..I was referring to what was left behind from the snail races previously mentioned.

                      12.05.27 at 14.53

                    • hahahaha

                      12.05.27 at 14.54

                    • How are you holding up?

                      12.05.27 at 15.11

                    • well, thank you, really thank you

                      12.05.27 at 15.13

                    • … snotty snail trails en mas.

                      12.05.27 at 16.55

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