Its never too late

I used to go to the Stone Henge rock festival, before they closed it down. It was more of a drug festival really, everyone was just so totally trashed. It was wonderful. I once saw half of Motorhead play with half of Here And Now because the band members were so wasted they couldn’t find their way to the right stages. Alpha, beta, gamma, hubba-dubba.

I never took to Glastonbury: way too commercial. The Henge was free and wild. The police left us alone, the Hell’s Angels took it on themselves to do the security. I watched once as they repeatedly rode, bumpily over someone’s tent. “I hope there’s no one in there.” I said to the guy next to me.
“They think  I am.” he told me.

I spent my 19th birthday in my birthday suit. I met this Welsh girl called Alex and she taught me how to do back flips and stand sideways on a lamp post and how to juggle. I can still do all those things today but not very well. We painted each other’s bodies, and she painted double yellow lines on my dick, to stop anyone double parking. We were in love all afternoon. She had the most amazing boobs.

There used to be a sign, at the entrance, it read:

“its never too late to have a happy childhood”

18 responses

  1. sounds like a fun plan

    12.05.30 at 13.07

  2. That’s hilarious, about the double parking. Wish I’d thought of that.

    12.05.30 at 08.14

    • well its never too late

      12.05.30 at 10.33

  3. I would love to go to a concert at Stonehenge! I would love to have amazing boobs!

    12.05.29 at 23.32

    • the henge festival got shut down sadly – i bet you do have amazing boobs tho

      12.05.30 at 10.45

  4. We were in love all afternoon… Sometimes the short love stories are the sweetest. 🙂

    12.05.29 at 18.11

    • its so true and life is short, so the more love we fit in the better, eh?

      12.05.29 at 18.35

      • Absolutely true. 🙂

        12.05.29 at 20.16

  5. I spent my 19th birthday in my birthday suit~especially like this real, naked language

    12.05.29 at 17.47

  6. Kyle…you’re a genius! *smirks*”we were in love all afternoon.”

    12.05.29 at 16.21

    • and some of the evening too

      12.05.29 at 16.22

  7. I need to go to a festival. This kind of stuff is bound to happen.

    12.05.29 at 15.53

    • i don’t know if it does at festivals these days but back then the henge was just a month long insane drugfuckfest

      12.05.29 at 16.04

  8. What a GREAT thought!

    12.05.29 at 15.35

    • and a way to live

      12.05.29 at 15.36

      • yes. it’s never too late, so why not today! make the most of every second. a good lesson for everyone

        12.05.29 at 15.54

        • today sounds good and tomorrow and the next day, eh?

          12.05.29 at 16.08

          • exactly…let the childhood begin! thanks for the reminder kyle. 🙂

            12.05.29 at 16.33

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