today everyone looks beautiful
today everyone looks sad
and beautiful
today i got bad news
today i said “fuck it”
today i feel like i could love the world
and not care
if it broke my heart a million times.

i love this song, it was an ‘our song’ once, long ago, for a girl who’s name i don’t even remember.
that’s a lie, i remember.
hello floss, hope you are well and happy and surrounded by people who love you, i am, i learned that today.

tomorrow my life starts anew.

16 responses

  1. Kyle–today i feel like i could love the world/and not care/if it broke my heart a million times.

    What can I say, but WONDERFUL. I am so glad I found your poetry!

    12.05.30 at 17.08

  2. lovely. glad you know you are surrounded by friends that love you. it’s a ‘good’ feeling.

    12.05.30 at 16.32

    • sure is and know that you are counted as one of that bunch β™₯

      12.05.30 at 16.39

      • that means a lot. thank you. glad you found your smile “Today”.

        12.05.30 at 16.47

  3. Had To Reblog This One, Kind Sir.
    I’m Struggling To NOT Let It Be A New Habit πŸ˜‰

    12.05.30 at 16.30

  4. Reblogged this on "You Jivin' Me, Turkey?" and commented:
    Love It Always.

    12.05.30 at 16.29

    • i love you brad β™₯

      12.05.30 at 16.31

      • The Love Is Felt, Sir.
        And In Copious Amounts.
        I’m Mopping It Up As We Speak πŸ˜‰
        Stay Spunky, My Friend.

        12.05.30 at 17.18

  5. Kyle, every day your life starts anew, Silly!


    12.05.30 at 16.28

    • silly indeed and always will be

      12.05.30 at 16.29

  6. You are beautiful Kyle<3

    12.05.30 at 16.18

  7. beautiful

    12.05.30 at 16.15

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