Life. Love. Forever.

i want to thank my wonderful friend rhonda for writing this – it made me so very happy – thank you rhonda –

please read the other three parts –

dawning –

inspiration –

the joshua tree –

its a wonderful, moving and heartwarming tale of hope and joy and new begininnings

7 responses

  1. gypsy116

    I know you dont do the awards thing, but I nominated you for the Reader Appreciation award anyway, because I do appreciate you 🙂

    12.05.31 at 22.08

    • you are a star heather – thank you – i am flattered to the point of spontaneous orgasm

      12.05.31 at 22.13

      • gypsy116

        I was trying to get you to call me petal again, but that made me smile even more. Wait now Ive got an erection 😉

        12.05.31 at 22.21

        • glad to hear it petal

          12.05.31 at 22.36

          • gypsy116


            12.05.31 at 22.37

  2. My heart to yours, you are most welcome. Your strength is an amazing gift, and I’m glad you use it.
    Your friend always,

    12.05.31 at 18.51

    • thank you honey
      your friend always

      12.05.31 at 18.55

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