9 responses

  1. I like it, but the pedant in me wishes you had remembered the apostrophe in ‘its’ 😉

    12.06.01 at 21.18

    • i never use it, and i think as long as you stick to the same set of rules, it’s ok – but, i too, am a pedant
      thank you

      12.06.01 at 23.33

  2. it’s an “obstacle illusion”

    12.06.01 at 16.19

    • how clever you are, and yes, it is just an illusion

      12.06.01 at 16.41

      • All obstacles are illusions…we must all learn to see beyond the boundaries. Oceans are nothing but big mud puddles for the young at heart to jump over!

        12.06.01 at 18.16

  3. Love!

    12.06.01 at 13.53

    • thank you susan

      12.06.01 at 15.10

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