I lay back and you mount me, rising and falling, my hands on your breasts, your sides your hips. You moan and gasp, your breath quickening and you slip your fingers between your legs and start to rub at your clit as my cock pushes deep into you. You brush my lips with your sweet wet fingers, letting me taste you, slipping them in and out of my mouth in time to the increasing rhythm of your pumping hips and then back to your steaming pussy.

You shudder with delight as your orgasm begins to bubble up volcanically from deep inside you and I shake and pant as you stop rising and falling and sink down onto me, the full length of my cock inside you. You tell me not to move, not an inch and not to come, just to watch as you do, as you pin me there and rub harder and more luxuriously at your gleaming, hot pussy. I feel your orgasm crash through you, your pussy contacting around my pulsating cock with each body-rocking spasm of pleasure, my cock feeling every wave of your climax, watching your open mouth and half closed eyes locked onto mine, listening to your blissful cries.

I lie still, trembling with desire, desperate to come as you climb off me and tell me to bring myself as close to orgasm as I can then stop. I do. You ask how close I am and I tell you “Just seconds away.”
“Closer,” you say, “much closer, get so close that all it would take to make you come would be my fingers stroking your chest, so close that all I would have to do would be whisper your name or kiss you and you would come.” I stroke gently, teasing myself towards orgasm until I can feel it deep inside about to rush through my soul like a swollen dam and I stop, let go of myself and lie there a shaking mess, my breath fast and hot.

You whisper my name and plant your lips on mine and as we kiss, I come, my cock bouncing free on my belly, jets of thick white cum painting us as my orgasm bursts through me and over me in deep carnal quakes, leaving me spent and happy and with you in my arms.

20 responses

  1. TheOthers1

    How in the world did I miss this post?? Intense. Good night!

    12.06.03 at 04.30

    • thank you, and i hope you had a good night!

      12.06.03 at 10.51

  2. Kyle this is so hot. My body responds as your words stroke my mind.

    12.06.03 at 03.34

    • i hope my words stroke more than just your mind petal 😉

      12.06.03 at 11.28

  3. Oh Kyle, you!

    12.06.02 at 20.34

    • thank you – that says it all

      12.06.02 at 21.11

  4. Hmmn…one more swallow and I would find the right word :)…

    12.06.02 at 17.29

  5. Holy sh!t Kyle!!!!! You have me trembling! That’s one of the hottest things I’ve ever read!

    12.06.02 at 16.13

    • and you saying that has me trembling petal

      12.06.02 at 16.22

  6. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    you do know how to stroke words into bliss Kyle
    too good!
    Take Care

    12.06.02 at 16.09

    • i think that’s the nicest thing anybody has ever said to me – thank you

      12.06.02 at 16.12

      • LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

        you are very welcome

        12.06.02 at 16.24

  7. ummmmhmmmm. cough cough…i mean, yeah not bad.

    12.06.02 at 15.36

    • glad it hit the spot r

      12.06.02 at 15.39

      • yeah…been looking for that stupid G for a while now. thanks! 🙂

        12.06.02 at 15.53

  8. The last paragraph just made me smile, Kyle.

    12.06.02 at 14.38

    • thank you my love – i’m glad it did – i smiled as i wrote it

      12.06.02 at 14.39

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