I want to be a citizen not a subject

I saw this poster today on republic.org

The queen costs us £200,000,000 a year, for that kinda money the health service could employ 9,560 more nurses or 8,200 more police.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve nothing against the queen personally, I think she’s rather a sweet old dear and I thought maybe a compromise might be a better idea. How about 4,780 nurses and half a queen. Not sure which half we should keep though, the half we see on the stamps, I guess.

This guy says it far better than I ever could.

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  1. I think Britian’s Royalty is a like a personality trait. It seems like you do have both -monarchy ( in name only ) and citizen of your elected party. If Britain dissolved its Royal Family, that would be like you getting rid of your sarcasm or sense of humor Kyle. Uhhh – Doug Stanhope is entertainingly horrid. I like hearing him because he is so far over the line sometimes. I do think he went too far about the mentality of his audience ( Brits) and their Royals. I know thats his act. I love comedians…. now if Comediams were Royals or Royal were comedians… hmmm maybe thats the next step? I don’t know.

    12.06.04 at 13.14

    • i like the idea of making the queen do stand up and frankie boyle having to open parliament – yes

      12.06.04 at 13.30

  2. ps the queen has no real political power anymore. You’re her subject only in name. Semantics. We DO have an elected body….and look how useful (!) they are!? x

    12.06.03 at 08.24

    • and another very good point, but surely the fact that they don’t actually serve any purpose makes them more of an anachronism not less of one – i dunno x

      12.06.03 at 10.58

  3. But that’s only half the story. If we didn’t have a monarch, we would lose MILLIONS in tourist revenue generated cos people from abroad can’t get enough of ol’ Queenie! And she only costs us 69p per year each. She’s very cost effective! 😉
    Legalize weed and tax me – then we could have shit hot hospitals/schools! x

    12.06.03 at 08.22

    • i agree with the cannabalisation of legis with every one of my skunk soaked neurons, but i’m not sure about the royal thing; the french get plenty of tourists. you make a good point though. thanks x

      12.06.03 at 10.56

  4. You Crazy Brits And Your Queen hehehe
    Get Yourself A President. He’ll Turn Things Around For You…
    …And Run You Into The Ground.
    …You WOULD Be A Citizen, And NOT A Subject.
    Kind Of A “Pick-Your-Battle” Type Situation.
    What Are You More Willing To Live With, Ya Know?!?!

    12.06.02 at 14.21

    • i’d rather live with someone i elected – thanks brad

      12.06.02 at 14.23

      • I’d Rather Live On The Moon, But Hey, That’s Me 😉
        But YES, Feeling Like You Have At Least A Little Control In The Situation Is ALWAYS Gonna Make One Feel More Inclined To Be Contented.
        And Then We Spend 4 Years Bitching About The Person Until It’s Time For A New Election hehehehe
        Oh Democracy… How I Do Love Thee 🙂

        12.06.02 at 14.25

  5. Which half of the Queen indeed! rofl. so funny.

    oh and here’s some colonial support for ya…..Here Here!


    12.06.02 at 13.44

    • yay – thank you x


      12.06.02 at 14.12

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